Welcome to the home stretch, football fans. 4 weeks to go. 4 weeks to make a playoff push. 4 weeks to salvage a terrible season. 4 weeks to see if any MORE coaches can get fired before the season closes.

oh… and 4 more weeks of me dominating Rob at every turn of every pick!

Another week, another 12-4 mark by yours truly. Bringing me to 125-67 for the season. I was wrong on: Baltimore, Miami, Indianapolis, and San Diego. Other than the Baltimore pick, I wouldn’t have changed the other 3. Upsets happen… and apparently Peyton Manning IS capable of being one of the worst quarterbacks in the league over a 3 week stretch… screw the excuses, 11 interceptions in 3 weeks hasn’t ever been done before. Its THAT bad.

What can I say, some guys have all the luck, and right now I’m picking games just like my fantasy football quarterback counterpart Peyton Manning (whom I’ve had on my squad each year since his rookie season).  I’ve got no excuses…. other than the fact that I’m chasing a guy who’s on fire with his picks… and so maybe I’m going out on too many limbs.

Anyway… lets get rocking on another “ho-hum” week of prediction domination. (for the record I’m still in the lead in my league, both points and record wise.)

Indianapolis @ Tennessee

Can’t believe I’m gonna say this again… Peyton Manning can’t lose FOUR in a row, right? … RIGHT? For the love of god tell me I’m RIGHT! If he’s playing the role of the super drunk co worker at the christmas party and “over sharing” (read: going INT crazy) – It could be 4 in a row, but luckily they’re up against the Titans who are struggling. Colts right the ship. Manning keeps it to 2 interceptions.

MY PICK: Indianapolis

Rob’s Pick:  Gotta be Indianapolis.  They’ve had some unfortunate luck, but they’re still better than the Titans, who are on a 5 game losing streak.

Cleveland @ Buffalo

A matchup of two “tough” teams who manage to be “tough luck” teams. Credit to both teams, they haven’t given up. Both are playing hard. Can plucky Buffalo get another win against a so-so opponent? No. No they can’t. man Beast Peyton Hillis, who coincidentally is BUILT like a buffalo, runs wild.

MY PICK: Cleveland

Rob’s Pick:  The Browns will certainly play well enough to beat the Bills here, but it should be close, unless the Bills are deflated after the blow-out loss to the Vikings.  Then Clevleand might dominate.  Don’t like “Cleveland” and “Dominate” in the same sentence?  See: Week 9 vs New England.

Green Bay @ Detroit

A worst against one of the best. I don’t see Detroit doing what they did against Chicago last week, namely, competing. Rodgers and Jennings have found an impressive groove. They’re gonna torch the Lions’ secondary, which will be too little too late for this fantasy owner who finished outside of the playoffs… still…

MY PICK: Green Bay

Rob’s Pick:  Green Bay.  If you really look at last week’s game, the Lions had it won.  Again.  Against the Bears.  Again.  But the Packers are VERY high in the Power Rankings here on GuysNation for a reason.

New York Giants @ Minnesota

Favre went down. AP went off. Jackson was serviceable. IF Bret plays he better wear body armor, because the Giants have the most lethal pass rush in football. They’d be better off starting the more mobile, younger, not hurt Jackson… but WILL they? If Favre can stand, he’s gonna start… and if he starts? he’s gonna feel like a pinata at a 5 year old’s birthday.

MY PICK: The New York Football Giants

Rob’s Pick:  The Giants are definitely one of the better teams in the NFC, and just like Dallas experienced after two straight wins under THEIR new coach, the Vikings are going to get a wakeup call.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

Again, one of the best, versus one of the worst. Cincy, like someone who went bust in Vegas, has checked out early. Sure T.O. is still playing, but he wants another contract. Pittsburgh is banged up, but even a banged up Pittsburgh is no match for a Cincinatti team that is sinking Titanic style.

MY PICK: Pittsburgh

Rob’s Pick:  It’s soooo easy to pick the Steelers here.

Tampa Bay @ Washington

Tampa Bay has been amazing against teams with losing records. Good news, Bucs fans… Redskins HAVE a losing record! Throw in more Haynesworth drama? Tampa continues to look great against mediocre to bad teams.

MY PICK: Tampa Bay

Rob’s Pick:  The Redskins are far better than people give them credit for, and since this one has playoff implications, Washington’s going to step up, and Tampa’s going to slump.

Atlanta @ Carolina

One more time… one of the best… versus not ONE of… but THE Worst. Atlanta is good. I don’t think they’re THE best team in the NFC, but they have the talent to get to the Superbowl. Carolina is playing out for the draft.

MY PICK: Atlanta

Rob’s Pick:  The Falcons are either the top team in the NFC or they’re tied for first.  Either way, Carolina shouldn’t pose a problem.  It’s a divisional game…. but no.

Oakland @ Jacksonville

Oakland off a big win against San Diego. Jacksonville off a win and getting sole possession of first in the AFC South. Oakland can look awful at times, or, like last Sunday, look amazing. Can they continue to work their running game against Jacksonville? Can they stop MJD? I like Jacksonville cuz they’re at home.

MY PICK: Jacksonville

Rob’s Pick:  Raider Nation is gaining momentum!  I don’t think the Jaguars are pretenders, but their win over Tennessee doesn’t impress me.

St. Louis @ New Orleans

New Orleans is great at home. They’ve looked like they’ve “woken up” the last few weeks, and look primed to make a playoff run. St. Louis also could make a playoff run, and sadly that run could be via 8-8 record. New Orleans is too talented and has too much experience.

MY PICK: New Orleans

Rob’s Pick:  The Saints, because they’re a Top 6 team and the Rams aren’t a Top 16 team.

Seattle @ San Francisco

Yay, NFC West… sense the sarcasm? Neither team is overly consistent. Can the 9ers crawl back into this horrendous playoff race? I think they take a step in that direction…

MY PICK: San Francsisco

Rob’s Pick:  Seattle.  They’re an up and down team, but their recent losses have been to some decent teams.  The 49ers can’t say the same.

New England @ Chicago

Could be a trap game for the Patriots. Chicago, on the other hand, appeared to be looking ahead when they almost got beat by Detroit this week. I’m not picking against Brady/Belichek. But this is the perfect time for Chicago to get to play New England, and if they’re GOING to beat them it’d be this week. Still…

MY PICK: New England

Rob’s Pick:  The Patriots won’t dominate the Bears like they did against the Jets, but Chicago isn’t going to be able to completely shut down New England.

Miami @ New York Jets

Miami is coming off a loss to the Browns. The Jets got curbstomped by the Patriots. Each team will come in licking their wounds. The Jets have something to play for. Miami’s season is toast.

MY PICK: New York Jets

Rob’s Pick:  The Jets, because I don’t feel strongly either way about the Dolphins’ chances.

Denver @ Arizona

Time for a Crappy team Coin Toss Pick. I went with a simplistic formula on this pick. Home team, and am actually thinking the coaching change isn’t going to get Denver a victory. Neither of these teams looks good, but HEY… someone has to win!

MY PICK: Arizona

Rob’s Pick:  Denver will get the new coach bump to get the win.  Cardinals will improve with their new QB (Skelton, watch for him the rest of the way), but not enough.

Kansas City @ San Diego

I feel like this is San Diego’s last gasp. This will be them circling the wagons and all other cliche’s saying they’ll fight to the end of their season. They are statistically impressive, and are the most talented team in the AFC West… If they lose this? Norv may not make the trip with us to Week 15.

MY PICK: San Diego

Rob’s Pick:  Chargers.  They’ve won four of their last five, two by lopsided margins, and suddenly Norv is on the hot seat?  No chance, Hayes.

Philadelphia @ Dallas

The first of 2 meetings, the final 4 weeks between these two rivals. Dallas is much improved since firing Wade. Eagles continue to play well, but have huge question marks defensively. Can Dallas score with Philly? I hope not. Ultimately, I think the Eagle’s offense is too much for Big D. Throw in the fact that Kitna’s #1 target, Dez Bryant is done for the year?


Rob’s Pick:  Philly.  Even though the Cowboys have looked a lot better with their new HC, the Eagles have looked great at times (against Atlanta, Washington and the Giants).

Baltimore @ Houston

Houston is the NFL’s mediocre-est team for the last few years. Just can’t get it together. Baltimore, on the other hand is in the top 5+ teams in the league. They lost a squeaker to Pitt. They have the ability to stop Arian Foster. Plus Houston’s secondary is super shreddable… so have fun Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin!

MY PICK: Baltimore

Rob’s Pick:  Ravens.  I definitely have NO reason to pick against Baltimore here.

Our Differences:

Rob picks Washington, Sir Hayes picks Tampa Bay

Rob picks Oakland, Sir Hayes picks Jacksonville

Rob picks Seattle, Sir Hayes picks San Francisco

Rob picks Denver, Sir Hayes picks Arizona

That brings our week 14 picks to a triumphant close. Till next week!