By now I’m sure most of you have the seen the commercial for the DROID Bionic phone. It is movie style production, meant to draw in people who will be intrigued enough to buy the product.  In short, in order to get their point across Motorola has g0ne for style over substance.

It is true of most of business that the most successful products are not necessarily the best made. It remains to be seen which category the Bionic will fall under, but the pre-release hype is not promising. In the above mentioned commercial, a ninja chick, who bears a striking resemblance to Natalie Portman, battles a number of big battle machines in a futuristic arena setting. As she systematically takes apart these robots, she takes a component from them, such as 4G LTE or Dual Core Processor. After all are defeated, she puts each component in its own slot on a pedestal and out pops the DROID Bionic.

The point of the commerical is quite clear. The analogy is being drawn that the Bionic is composed of several powerful machines that when combined, deliver an uber-product capable of great things, such as email or slinging birds at stuff. If that is the ultimate message, then why make a big budget-esque production with lots of action? They could’ve made a commercial showing what is in the Bionic and telling how the components deliver superior performance. Instead they went the eye-catching route and who can really blame them? It’s basic Advertising 101, as the actual product is somewhat irrelevant because there’s this flashy commercial with a ninja chick and robots.  You get as many viewers as you possibly can interested in your product in whatever way works.

Is the DROID Bionic commercial over the top? Absolutely. Was it necessary to put on such a high level production? Probably not. However, in today’s society if you want your product to get noticed, you don’t trot out how much RAM it has or how fast it can download. You market and advertise in such a way so as to attract the most potential customers. Did the commercial garner consumer and industry attention? Of course it did, if the amount of chatter on the web and in tech circles is any indication. What it all comes down to is money. If the commercial gets people interested in Bionic, which in turn leads to purchases, then whatever they invested in this commercial and its over the top nature will have been worth it.

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