Dustbunny is a professional cosplayer from Los Angeles, CA. She has been cosplaying since 2003. Within that time she has made well over 50 costumes. She studied Costume Design and makeup at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Now even though she has dressed up as a variety of people, she is most well known for her Totoro gown- which was designed and made by her for Katsucon 2014. During her time Cosplaying she has been…

2014 First Place EZCosplay Costume Contest (Totoro)

2014 Second Place Arda Wigs Spring Contest (Totoro)

2013 Second Place Geekie Awards Cosplay devision (Mad Moxxi)

2010 Best of Friday AnimeUSA (Kirin)

2008 Judges Award AnimeUSA (Kokoro)

Thankfully I was able to get Dustbunny to pause her busy day to answer some questions.

Mr. Incredible: So what do you do first when you do Cosplaying or Costume designing?

Dustbunny: I will first pick a character I want to cosplay or design a costume around. After gathering all the references I can I will buy a wig and build from there. Wigs are great because it helps you to find your right color for the fabric.

Mr. Incredible: When you first got started, did you think things would take off as much as they did for you?

Dustbunny: When my Totoro gown became viral it really was a surprise. I made the costume as a love letter to Totoro. I made it for me. I’m still getting used to all the attention but it’s nice that I am known for my costumes and not my cleavage.


Mr. Incredible: What excites you about Cosplaying?

Dustbunny: I love expressing myself and my fandoms through costumes. Making a costume and seeing it through is always exciting and challenging.

Mr. Incredible: Who are some of the Cosplayers you look forward to seeing?

Dustbunny: I don’t have any cosplayers in particular. I just enjoy meeting people who love cosplay.

Mr. Incredible: How do you feel about Cosplay being the new sexy?

Dustbunny: I have no issue with cosplaying being a sexy thing. But I don’t want people thinking that all cosplayers want to be viewed as a sex object. Many if not most cosplayers just want to dress up and have fun.

Mr. Incredible: What is your process for choosing who to Cosplay as?

Dustbunny: I just pick characters that I love. But sometimes I will pick a character just to challenge my skill level and help broaden my costume abilities.

Mr. Incredible: What are some of your favorite conventions to go to?

Dustbunny: Katsucon was my first con back in 2003. It used to be so small and in a little hotel now it’s a much bigger con but with that small con feel. Everyone is there to cosplay and meet fellow cosplayers.

Mr. Incredible: Do you have any cool fan stories?

Dustbunny: I can’t recall any stories in particular but at Ninja-Con which was this past June I was their Guest of Honor. And while I was doing the photo ops I had a number of people come up to me asking for me to sign items of theirs. While I was signing the items they would tell me how shy and scared they were to even come up to me and say hello. This always makes me smile because I am a shy person so I totally understand. I would talk to these people for a bit longer and sign a extra postcard for free as a thank you for stopping by. The extra smiles make the experience worth it.


Dustbunny: I also love taking photos with kids. They are always so excited to meet me and they love to talk about their costumes. It’s fun. ^^

Mr. Incredible: How you ever run into the creator or the person that voices any of the Cosplays you have done?

Dustbunny: No but I would love to meet the voice actor who does Catbug.

Mr. Incredible: How did you hook up with Fox Searchlight?

Dustbunny: They contacted me. Very nice people.

Mr. Incredible: Now some Cosplayers move over to modeling, will we see you do that?


Dustbunny: Maybe in the future.

Mr. Incredible: How much time on average goes into making a good Cosplay?

Dustbunny: I’d say a few months. But I have a full time job and extra work besides cosplay. So if I was just cosplaying and traveling I’m sure I could cut the time down. I see some people turn out amazing work in a few weeks. I also have help now , HVD Props is my go to guy for all my props.

Mr. Incredible: What do you think about the mainstream acceptance of Cosplay?

Dustbunny: I think it’s exciting. But I will always love the small cons over the big monster ones.

Mr. Incredible: Any tips for those looking to get into Cosplaying?

Dustbunny: I tell new cosplayers to just have fun. Cosplay to me is about making costumes and showing off my fandom. So figure out why you want to cosplay and work from there. Learn to sew, style wigs, and wear makeup. You will messed up sometimes but that’s ok. Just never quit.

Mr. Incredible: Well thank you for taking time our to answer some questions. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and the readers?

Dustbunny: Thank you again. I really loved these questions they were fun and different. I have a lot coming up in the next few months so life will be busy. So keep following my page for all the new and exciting news. And thank you guys for following me I would seriously not be where I am today without you. You guys are the best~! <3

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Photo Credit: Peter Roig Photography, Eurobeat Kasumi Photography, Fremen9 Photography