If you have even the slightest interest in cars, you owe it to yourself to check out DREAM MACHINES on the SyFy network.

Admittedly the only episode I’ve seen is this week’s episode with John Cena, but I’ve seen more than enough to know that this is the type of show that guys will enjoy.

The Parker Brothers run a concept vehicles shop, but the car John Cena wants is something that he fully intends to take out onto the road… but he certainly wants it to be a car of the future.

The way the episode unfolds might surprise you in a fun way. When John Cena contacts Parker Brothers Concepts, he notifies them that he has sent them a Corvette which he wants them to use as the core of the vehicle around which they’re going to build the futuristic body.

And he wants them to destroy the ‘Vette.

The Not-So-Rough Concept

After they strip down the car to the nuts and bolts, Cena shows up and they discuss the conceptual sketches, they start figuring out the details Cena would like to see included which eventually take this vehicle far beyond anything I’ve seen in concept cars from major car manufacturers… but not before they take the car’s body out for a spin – which puts on display some great driving skills from the guys who build these cars.

The show is well produced, and just like some of the better automobile fabrication shows on television, it’s not just a show for car geeks. They have some heated disagreements, there’s some humor strewn about, and you really get a sense of what the people are like.

And in the end, the car is awesome.

The work they did for John Cena was great, as I knew it would be even prior to watching the episode. My main question was whether I’d be interested in future episodes which didn’t feature someone I was interested in seeing outside their natural element like John Cena. Judging from the clips I’ve seen for future episodes where they build vehicles for Auto Trader and a project in Hollywood for Peter Berg?

I’m definitely watching.