295634_580169935337189_1190256914_nIn her own words, Dezzy is just your average dork who loves video games, cosplay, fantasy realms, and is a secret hoarder of wigs. She is also a cosplay, wig, and prop commissioner!

She started her cosplay journey in 2008 at the lovely age of 14 in 8th grade. She had no wig, no makeup, and it was her first time sewing anything on that scale. She enjoyed herself and learned that cosplay was for fun and making great friends

Fast-forward to present and she now has 5 awards for sewing and cosplay and features in various forms of media. She also hosts sewing, introductory panels, wig design, and patterning panels at cons around Texas. She currently has made over 50 outfits (not including commissions) and attended over 30 conventions in Texas. She plans to keep on doing what she loves and expand her knowledge of all the areas in cosplay. I was able to catch up with her for a moment to get her to answer a few questions for Guysnation.

 Mr. Incredible: How did you get started in Cosplaying?

Dezzy Diamond: I started Cosplaying back in the summer of 2008 right after I graduated 8th grade. I just got internet and I had no real friends growing up because I was a girl who liked video games, comics, anime/manga, and fantasy realms. With that, I found out about cosplay and discovered there were people like me! I was so ecstatic that I looked for an anime convention in my area. I found out about San Japan 1.5x was a month away so I decided to sew my first cosplays.10415697_758185724202275_5762532894152628574_n

Mr. Incredible: What was your first Cosplay?

Dezzy Diamond: My first cosplay was Orihime Inoue from Bleach with her Hueco Mundo Outfit. I hand sewed it in a month with no pattern along with my Nana. I had used bed sheets to start, had no wig, and had a blast!

Mr. Incredible: What have been some of your fav. Cosplays?

Dezzy Diamond: Some of my favorite cosplays that I have made are Jessica Rabbit, Mega Milk, Lady Loki, and Navi. They are all really fun characters to portray.

Mr. Incredible: What goes into picking the Cosplays that you do?

Dezzy Diamond: I normally pick based on budget and what I have on hand. I also look at what is comfortable for me to wear and so I feel confident in myself with the finished garment.

Mr. Incredible: Who are the Cosplayers that you admire?

Dezzy Diamond: I admire a few Cosplayers for different reasons. I admire God Saves the Queen of Fashions, Holly Gloha Cosplay, Twinzik Cosplay, and Castle Corsetry for their suburb craftsmanship and attention to detail. I admire Albino Dino Cosplay (my legally blind friend) and Misa on Wheels for being disabled yet fighting for cosplay equality and not letting their disabilities hinder them. I also admire Lady Annaka “Magneto” Cosplay for her work, friendliness, and desire for equality.

Mr. Incredible: Have there ever been a Cosplay that you wanted to do but the outfit was too reveling?

Dezzy Diamond: Sadly too many! I am actually very self-conscience about my midriff and butt so Lum, Motoko, Kasumi, Tifa, and so many more are on the back burner until I feel like I can do these outfits without feeling super exposed and when I feel more confident.

Mr. Incredible: What have been some of the hardest Cosplays to put together?

Dezzy Diamond: I am the worst slacker so difficulty is assessed in how much time I leave myself to make a costume. My Lady Loki would have been the hardest since I only gave myself two days to make it. 7. What do you family, friends and husband think of you Cosplaying? My family has grown to accept it. My mom always supported me since she was also different growing up and encouraged my nerdy habits. My dad thinks it is pretty cool that I spend so much time and effort into a hobby and respects the work I put into a piece. My sister occasionally cosplays with me so that is always fun and she enjoys the hobby as well. My friends are all actually cosplay friends! I made friends through cosplay so I do not think I have any non-cosplay friends. I actually met my husband through cosplay. He asked me to make him Ezio leather bracers from cowhide, and later we planned a room party and just connected. When he isn’t working, we do costume events together and enjoy our time together. He fully supports my dreams and projects.1461137_651081424912706_508324938_n

Mr. Incredible: How do you feel about Cosplay and the geek culture being seen as cool and sexy?

Dezzy Diamond: Back a few years ago, before I started Cosplaying, I was bullied for my love all things geeky. Then suddenly being geeky was cool and now it is ok to be branded as a “geek” versus even just 6 years ago. I think it is great that is socially acceptable, but by the same token I wish it was always cool. In terms of geeky being sexy, I never really understood it since I was always a geeky girl. Granted I am not very girly (asides from when I cosplay, I suppose). When I first started Cosplaying and getting into the convention scene, I did not really see this acceptance as much in mainstream culture (granted I was 14 so I probably was no looking); now I see that guys love women who are sexy geeks. It is nice to see women can be open and enjoy things that were once considered “for boys” and “for nerds only” and it be sexy.

Mr. Incredible: So what type of video games do you play?

Dezzy Diamond: I play a variety of games. I primarily play for the story line of the game and re-playability. I enjoy games I can play over and over again especially open world games with countless quests. Some of my favorites in this group are Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Revolver, The Walking Dead, Sudeki, and the Assassin’s Creed Franchise. There are also games I enjoy to play just for fun and giggles such as Mario Party, Super Smash Brothers, Pokémon, Jet Force Gemini, Surgeon Simulator, and Team Fortress 2.

Mr. Incredible: So tell us about your commissions work?10345994_774653445888836_1724066391965684972_n

Dezzy Diamond: I started commissions back in high school to make some extra money to buy cosplay stuff. I mainly did wigs for a few years and handled large orders including a Yami and Chrono wig. I stopped sewing commissions because I lacked a good machine to finish seams well and I was only charging $35 flat rate for any piece I made. Once I started college and had a stable job, I decided to take up commissions for cosplay again because I was able to afford better equipment. As of now, wigs are still what I prefer to do, but I commission costume garments again since I have a great machine and a much better skill set. I sadly moved away from home so I can’t take plus size or super small sizes anymore until I get a new dress form to assure accuracy.

Mr. Incredible: What are your views on Cosplay bullying and harassing?

Dezzy Diamond: Personally I hate cosplay bullies! I have had another cosplayer call me fat, say my cosplays are poorly made, insulted me online and harassed me, and said I should not return to a convention to see me friends (I personally do not like the convention but all my friends go). I am saying this because I find it pointless for two Cosplayers to dislike each other. I am sure all Cosplayers were bullied growing up in one way or another. I think Cosplayers may bully each other for a few reasons. One big one I think is the sudden desire in trying to be Cosfamous and getting more likes than your friend on Facebook or another media outlet. Cosplay is supposed to be an outlet for creativity, to foster friendships, and to have fun; cosplay should never be about cosplayer feuds or bullying. In terms of harassment, I do not think any male or female cosplayer should be sexually harassed for what they wear. That was a big problem at San Diego Comic Con this year and a few conventions I have attended. Cosplayers should not be treated like a piece of meat or an object of sexual desire; a cosplayer is still a person with personal boundaries. Cosplay needs to be a hobby where you feel safe and should not have to worry about the con pervert making you uncomfortable.

Mr. Incredible: Do you have any tips for those looking to Cosplay?

Dezzy Diamond: Biggest tip: Never be afraid to do what you love or portray a character you love! Have fun and enjoy this wonderful hobby. Another good tip is to ask another cosplayer for help and resources to get you started into your journey!

Mr. Incredible: Thank you for taking time out to answer some questions. Do you have anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

Dezzy Diamond: Remember cosplay is for fun and the only person you need to make happy is yourself. Happy Cosplaying!

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