In an idea that was born from the “Die Hard, a christmas movie?” debate (for the record it isn’t and you’ll never EVER get me to admit otherwise… seriously, its probably best if we don’t start on that) I started to turn my focus on Christmas slash holiday music. Local radiostations that switch to all christmas formats, and I took note of some things, the most important?

Frosty the Snowman is a fraud.

Oh I can hear the armies amassing at the gates. Why o’ why would the Devil’s Advocate call loveable, huggable, charming Frosty the Snowman a fraud? Why would he attack this childhood favorite a mere 5 days out from Christmas?

Well… for one, shouldn’t the Devil’s Advocate, by name alone, attack ANYTHING Christmas related? I mean… c’mon… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist. But there is a very specific reason I attack Frosty right now. Because so many people, and many of YOU consider his song a “Christmas Carol”, or “Christmas Song”. Radio stations that switch to all Christmas music, do. Schools that have Christmas plays and concerts do.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I implore you. Don’t fall prey to the misconcieved notion that Frosty is a Christmas Carol. It is not. Its a magical winter song. A song about kids and their imagination. But it is not… NOT a Christmas Carol.

Why? You ask? The song isn’t about Christmas. Isn’t about the holidays at all. Its about a talking, dancing snowman. The only thing even remotely connecting Frosty to Christmas is the line, “And I’ll be back on Christmas Day”. But that’s just a general timeline, because it has to be cold enough for Frosty to come back. End of December into January is the peak of Winter. Its a stretch to say one mention of the word Christmas makes this song a Christmas Song.

He’s not alone, though. THe more I listen the less I hear in the way of Christmas Carols.

“Let It Snow”? That’s just about crappy weather, and not needing to leave the house.

“Baby Its cold Outside”? Same thing. Crappy weather and a dirty dirty dude trying to convince some poor girl she should spend the night… seriously… the content of this song is incredibly questionable.

How about “Winter Wonderland”? Nope. Also not a Christmas song. Its the song that takes place AFTER “Let it Snow”. Everything looks great. Its cold and the world is wrapped in a nice blanket of snow. You go out side and build a snowman… maybe HE’LL come alive… But not a Christmas song. There isn’t even anything in this song to give you a hint that its taking place during the Holidays.

So when you’re at your next Christmas concert and you hear one of these songs begin. Do the Devil’s Advocate a favor and remind yourself, while nice songs… and while they are about WINTER, COLD, SNOW, Snowmen, fireplaces, and all other things involved with this season, meaning winter. They are NOT, in fact, Christmas songs!

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a good night!