No this has nothing to do with the Jason Bourne franchise. This has to do with Disney’s Lone Ranger remake that they’ve been planning for years. A few weeks back the Studio demanded with an iron fist some budget reductions on the project. They wanted to take the budget DOWN to $200 million, which is a HUGE decrease in money, considering the original budget was between $240 and $270 million. Well producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and director Gore Verbinski have worked diligently working on a new budget for the film and they got it down to a modest $215, which is still a big jump if they were leaning towards the $275 mark before.

A few days ago the director and producer team presented their new budget proposal to Chairman of the house of Mouse Rich Ross and it appears the studio may go forward with the film even though they’ve been having second thoughts and looked to be essentially ditching the entire project last week. Many didn’t believe the trio could get the budget down in time to make this proposal, and to do it they’ve made steep concessions including major upfront salary cuts and the excision of a major effects sequence. The flip side is if the movie’s a success, their backend deals will likely make them more than they would have made with flat fees.

Added to this mess of a movie, is Jonny Depp who is attached to play the Ranger’s sidekick Tonto. Disney really doesn’t want to piss this dude off. He really wants to make this movie but won’t do it without Gore Verbinski directing. So the studio is stuck with their thumbs in their mouths. They can’t just go and get a cheaper director in order to get the budget down more, and they will lose Depp as an ally if they scrap the project.

I personally feel like ANY movie can have a smaller budget so they fact that they are fighting over a budget at all is bullshit to me. There’s plenty of ways to cut expenses without making any major changes to the movie or what not. Instead of using CG for a bunch of stuff… Use stun men and live special effects like they did in the olden days of the 20th century. That’ll cut your budget.That being scene, I hope they get this resolved, but without Depp and Verbinski in it, I’d rather it be scrapped, because it’d probably be another Disney family piece of crap that’s unwatchable.

It’s funny that Disney is currently in the midst of trying to curb its spending on  ALL tentpoles, even though it’s risky “John Carter” space fantasy feature officially costs $250 million (and other sources claim the budget is higher). Instead of House of Mouse, maybe we should call them House of Hypocrites.

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