DC Universe has a history of creating great animated content. During the years when producers and movie studios couldn’t put together a live-action Superman, viewers able to appreciate animated content were treated to a series of episodes all of which were superior to the 3rd and 4th Christopher Reeves movies. That series was born out of a Batman project which rivals Christopher Nolan’s efforts with the Dark Knight. Animated features for other Justice League related properties since then have proven that those two shows were no fluke.

The next project from DC Universe is a Green Lantern Animated Series set to air on Cartoon Network starting in January, and there’s reason to be optimistic about its quality simply based on the description of the two-hour premiere. Described as a series which focuses on Hal Jordan facing an invasion from the Red Lantern Corps, the plot of the premiere centers around Hal Jordan and his fellow Green Lantern Corps member Kilowog investigating the murders of several other members of their Corps.

Clips and additional still images can be found on the official site on CartoonNetwork.com.

(Source: SpinOff)

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