Justice League Kia cars

DC Comics and KIA teamed up to create five Justice League-inspired cars. The series includes an Aquaman 5-door RIO, Cyborg 5-door FORTE, a FORTE Koup for The Flash, Green Lantern SOUL and a Batman-inspired OPTIMA. Legendary comics artist Jim Lee served as a designer on the project, which seeks to raise awareness for We Can Be Heroes.


It would’ve been awesome if the Aquaman-themed Justice League Kia car could go under water, but the attention to detail they put into it is incredible. From the paint job, to the running-board fins and the logo in front of the doors, they went all crazy on this.

Aquaman Justice League Kia car

The Flash

The Flash Justice League Kia car


What Cyborg-inspired car would be complete without a tablet in the between-seat console? Exactly.

Green Lantern


Just in case you need a bit of weaponry?