We continue our look at the early years of Monday Night Raw with one of the biggest upsets in early 90’s wrestling when The Kid faces Razor Ramon. Then on the same night the Rockers collide when Shawn Michaels defends the IC title against Marty Jannety.

The Kid vs. Razor Ramon 5-17-93
The match starts with Kid in the ring as Razor makes his way to ring side. Kid has appeared on a couple previous episodes of Raw losing to Doink and Ted DiBiase. Razor throws the tooth pick at Kid, they lock up and Razor tosses Kid across the ring and then gives him a few chops. 30 seconds into the match and I’m glad Rob Bartlett has been fired and Bobby Heenan is on commentary.  Razor locks in an abdominal stretch on Kid.  Kidd comes off the ropes going for a cross body block, but Razor catches him and hits the fall away slam.

Razor smacks Kidd around  a little before tossing Kid into the turnbuckles, he tries to follow it up with a splash, but Kid moves and Razor hits his head on the ring post. Kidd follows this up with a back flip cross body off the top rope into a pin to get the 3 count and to earn the name the 1-2-3 Kid. Razor isn’t happy as the fans chant 1-2-3.  1-2-3 Kid would later become Syxx and join Razor Ramon going by his real name Scott Hall as a part of the NWO in WCW.

Marty Jannetty vs. Shawn Michaels 5-17-93
Marty and Shawn were partners as the Rockers, and had been teaming since 1985. In 1992 they split up when Shawn threw Marty through a palte glass window on the set of the talk show segment the Barber Shop. In this match Shawn puts his intercontinetal title on the line against Marty.

Shawn is in the ring and Jannety enters the ring and they lock up. Vince refrences the Kid’s win over Razor earleir in the night.  Shawn tosses Marty into the corner and punches him a few times beore throwing himintot he other corner. Marty moves and Shawn hits the corner chest first and Marty goes for a roll up, but only gets a two count.  They do the leap frog spot and Jannety hits a sunset flip and gets another two count. Bill Alfonso of ECW fame is the ref here, some don’t know he was a ref in NWA/WCW and WWF before going to ECW and getting a larger role as a n on screen character and manager.  Shawn misses 3 clothesline attempts before Marty lays him out with a short arm clothesline.
Marty then clotheslines Shawn out of the ring and follows up with a baseball slide kick, he then skins the cat to get back in the ring and dives over the top rope and hits Shawn with a cross body. Marty throws Shawn back in the ring, Shawn goes for the Sweet Chin Music but misses and Marty gets a leg scissors headlock take down.  Marty tosses Shawn into the corner and he does the Flair flop to the outside.  Shawn grabs the IC belt and starts to head to the back, but his path his blocked by Mr. Perfect who he was currently feuding with.

Shawn decides to return to the ring as Perfect watches on. Shawn hits Marty with the stun gun dropping him throat first across the to rope. Shawn chokes Marty and then delivers a series of punches in the corner before choking him again. Shawn delivers a snapmare into a headlock. Marty monkey flips Shawn into the corner where he hits his head on the ring post. Marty goes for a pin but only gets 2. Jannetty hits a spinning elbow and a power slam.  Jannetty then goes for a spinning crosssbody off the top rope but only gets a two count. I guess he was thinking if it worked for Kid it might work for him. Shawn hits the Superkick, but Shawn is distracted by Perfect allowing Jannetty to sneak up from behind and get a school boy roll up to get the 3 count and win the IC title, he would lost the title back to Shawn three weeks later.