I like to check out which stars share the same birthday, so whenever it hits me (which is every few weeks) I’ll check out today’s list over at the IMDB, and it usually causes a frustrated-with-society sigh as to who gets top billing, but usually I just keep to myself.

Not today.

Today, we’ve got lots of talented folks who share July 22nd as their date of birth:

Willem Dafoe – who was great in Boondock Saints, The English Patient, Platoon, Spider-Man and about a dozen flicks I haven’t seen.

Rhys Ifans – another great Spider-Man villain whose work you should also appreciate in Anonymous, Notting Hill and The Replacements. Possibly the biggest acting “range” on this list.

Albert Brooks – come on, he was in Taxi Driver, Defending Your Life, Drive, Broadcast News, Private Benjamin and did voices in Finding Nemo and THE SIMPSONS!

Danny Glover – whether we’re talking about a classic like Lethal Weapon, an awesome ensemble like Royal Tenenbaums, a crazy slasher flick like Saw, a questionable sequel like Predator 2 or even a WWE movie like Legendary, you know you’re going to get a great performance from Danny Glover.

John Leguizamo – he’s probably made most of his money in the past decade from the ICE AGE movies, but he’s got some quality work in live-action on his resume, from “Romeo + Juliet”, To Wong Foo, or even his House Of Buggin’ show.

Terrance Stamp – he’s so bad ass that he was ZOD in Superman II and then voiced Jor-El for Smallville. He might not be an actor you’re very familiar with, but he’s got Valkyrie, Wanted, Get Smart, The Adjustment Bureau and about three dozen other credits on his resume.

Shawn Michaels – he’s only one of the top wrestling performers over the past 20 years who played a big role in shaping the way the business is today.

Louise Fletcher – Oscar, anyone? Nurse Ratched from ONE FLEW OVER THE CUKOO’s NEST holds a special place in GuysNation history, as she was a family friend of our founder once upon a time.

Franka Potente – Run Lola Run! and the Bourne Identity are two serious credits to her work that you should already be aware of.

David Spade – though I’m not a fan of his, he’s certainly famous enough to have been employed almost constantly for the past 20 years.

Alex Trebek – this guy IS Jeopardy, arguably the greatest game show of all time.

But who gets featured for having a July 22nd birthday?

Selena Gomez.

Thanks, Disney Channel.