In 2004, Game 6 of the American League Championship Series. New York Yankees against the Boston Red Sox, and it was a red sock which captivated the world of baseball on that evening. What started as a white sock was soaked in blood on Curt Schilling’s ankle, and when the aging pitcher gave a strong performance in victory, rumors began. They said it wasn’t blood, but a ketchup-incorporated conspiracy to hype the masses.

Now there’s a bit more proof, as Curt Schilling shared a pic on Twitter which is probably more graphic than I should share here without a warning.

So… you’ve been warned… though it’s probably too late.

A few extra spaces here, just to help keep you from having to see something that you might not otherwise want to see.

Okay, now I feel like due diligence has been spent.


That’s right, THAT’S his ankle.

I suppose some people will still doubt whether or not this picture confirms what happened in 2004, but at least a few of them will give Curt Schilling credit for what he (and the Boston Red Sox) accomplished.