Laurence Fishburne joined the wildly popular television series CSI after it had already run for 8 seasons. William Peterson, who portrayed Gil Grissom the show’s lead male role, was leaving after the 9th season, and Fishburne helped make the transition to keep the show going strong. Now after three seasons the character he portrays, Ray Langston, is leaving, and the show has found one of the biggest names in television history to move into the prominent position in the cast.

Ted Danson.

His reputation was built as a comedic actor, starring in Cheers, Becker, countless movies and guest-starring roles in various television shows. Though he typically sticks to comedic endeavors, he has branched out into dramatic roles to show his range, most notably with the role of Arthur Frobisher on the show DAMAGES. As he CSI enters its 12th season, Danson will get the opportunity to showcase his acting range on one of television’s most popular shows.

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