Cricket World Cup Finals Set

After 42 group and 6 more tournament matches having been contested over the past month, the Cricket World Cup is now down to just two teams.  From Group A, Sri Lanka advances to the finals to play India from Group B.  The match will be contested in Mumbai on April 2nd.

Sri Lanka defeated New Zealand by 5 with 2.5 overs to go.  The top bowler for Sri Lanka was Rangana Herath, only allowing 31 runs over the span of 9 overs (45 bowls). Tillakaratne Dilshan had 73 runs for Sri Lanka.  Daniel Vettori bowled great in a losing effort, allowing 36 runs in 10 overs.  Veteran SB Styris lead the way on his team with 57 runs for New Zealand.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

India toppled rival Pakistan by 29 in a heated contest which saw Cricket Superstar Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar score 85 runs in what is likely to be his final World Cup appearance.  SR Tendulkar was named “Player of the match” for his performance.  Had he scored an additional 15 runs, it would have been Tendulkar’s 49th “100” for ODIs in his career.  Ashish Nehra allowed a paltry sum of 33 runs in the 10 overs he bowled.  MM Patel allowed 40 in his 10 overs for a fine performance.

For more information about the game of cricket, you can check back in to GuysNation and read my article which I’ll be writing tonight.

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