Growing up, there were several times that someone talked about swimming in something other than water. It wasn’t always something like milk or jello, sometimes it was gold coins like Uncle Scrooge from DuckTales. But throughout all the discussions, never once did I ever see someone try an experiment where they swam in something other than water. Not once.

Well now a YouTuber has gone and changed all that.

The best I can tell, Orbeez are a product that start out like a marble or bouncey ball, and then when you add water, they expand a bit. So what happens when you take 25 million of them and pour them into a pool? Former NASA Engineer Mark Rober (@MarkRober) found out!

I’m not entirely sure I would dive in, but if there was someone else around to make sure I didn’t get suck down there like some sort of quicksand type environment, I’d absolutely take a swim!