Now that a couple of the biggest free agents have landed, the hottest topic of NBA discussion at present is about Kevin Love. Minnesota has him under contract for one more season, but the writing is on the wall that he wants out, and so the Timberwolves have been looking for his suiters to pay a King’s ransom in the trade.

One of the newest names in the sweepstakes is Chicago, and with what they’re talking about doing, landing Love could implode their team.

Gasol_Noah_asdfasdThis off-season, the Bulls landed Pau Gasol, adding a big man who can shoot to go along with Joakim Noah. Great move by the team looking to contend this season now that Rose is healthy. But where would Kevin Love fit in?

Adding Love to the roster would give the Bulls two guys who play a mix of Center and Power Forward, with Joakim Noah already making things happen at the Center position. If the Bulls were just looking to sign Love as a free agent, this might not be the biggest problem in the world. If they were trading Gasol or Noah in exchange for Love, it wouldn’t create a log-jam at the C/PF spot for the team (and we haven’t even mentioned Taj Gibson). But to land Love, they’re going to have to give up someone, and by making a surplus at the “big man” spot and parting with other pieces, things could fall apart quickly.

Fans in Chicago should be hoping that the Bulls are just trying to find a way to drive up the price Cleveland will have to pay for Kevin Love.