Mhysa Cosplay is a long-time sci-fi, fantasy, and video game nerd, with a flair for the dramatic and too many sewing machines. 

Jack Nickelz: What first got you started in Cosplay?

Mhysa Cosplay: It’s a combination of my love of costumes and acting. I’ve been performing in the theatre since I was a child, and I love being up on stage, but I went to school in New York for a couple of years to study fashion design, and I fell in love with theatrical costuming while I was there. I briefly worked in a costume shop after college, but I missed being in the limelight, so Cosplay is perfect because I get to make the costumes and play the part, too.

Jack Nickelz: Do you remember what your first Cosplay was?

Mhysa Cosplay: The first costume I ever wore to a convention, rather than just at Halloween, was Rogue from the X-Men.

Jack Nickelz: What have been some of your favorite Cosplays to do? 10502508_530826307062994_5639351937869147237_n

Mhysa Cosplay: Daenerys is my favorite, obviously, since I keep making more and more costumes of hers, but I had a lot of fun with the Hawkeye/Merida mash up costume I made for Dragon Con this year, and I love being Death from the Sandman comics because I get to be so happy and cheerful.

Jack Nickelz: Do you have a Cosplay that you are becoming known for?

Mhysa Cosplay: Definitely Daenerys from Game of Thrones. I’ve made 3 of her costumes from the show now. That’s where my Cosplay name comes from. I even have some friends who call me Khaleesi when I’m not in costume.

Jack Nickelz: How do you go about picking which Cosplay to do?

Mhysa Cosplay: I pick costumes where I either have a strong connection to the character or where I think the costume is just beautiful and I want to recreate it. I usually pick costumes that challenge me to learn new techniques.

Jack Nickelz: How long does it normally take for you to do a Cosplay?

Mhysa Cosplay: It depends on the complexity level. Some costumes, like Supergirl and Rogue, I can finish in less than a day, whereas some of my more intricate costumes take months to finish. My latest Daenerys costume took about 150 hours from start to finish.

Jack Nickelz: Have you ever decided not to do a Cosplay because it was too revealing?

Mhysa Cosplay: Not really. I’ve been in the theatre so long I don’t have much of a sense of modesty, and most Cosplays are so hot to wear that having something with less fabric is nice sometimes. The one thing I won’t do is to make a costume MORE revealing just to be sexy. I like to be true to the original design.

Jack Nickelz: Tell us about your first convention experience?

Mhysa Cosplay: I was a volunteer at Boston Comic Con in 2011, and I was on my feet for over 12 hours with no break and barely any food. And then I came back and volunteered again for Sunday. I must be a little crazy, because I’ve done it again every year since.

Jack Nickelz: Who are some Cosplayers that you admire?


Mhysa Cosplay: BelleChere is basically my senpai. I met her at Granite Con last year, and we bonded. I’m in awe of her process, and I love learning from her experience. But honestly, I admire every Cosplayer meet. It takes guts to dress up in crazy outfits and put yourself out there like that. I have made so many friends through Cosplaying, and they’re like my second family.

Jack Nickelz: How do you feel about people who have been using Cosplay as a way to improve how they feel about themselves?

Mhysa Cosplay: Do it. It’s therapeutic, in a weird sort of way. People often have things about themselves that they don’t know how to express, and Cosplay gives them a way to do exactly that. I often tell people that I never feel as much myself as when I’m someone else.

Jack Nickelz: What are your thoughts on Cosplay bullying and harassment?


Mhysa Cosplay: Grow up. Seriously. Do you think that you’re in some way a superior nerd to someone else? Because I guarantee you got bullied in school just like I did. Stop continuing the cycle of abuse.

Jack Nickelz: What are some of the myths you think people have about Cosplayers?

Mhysa Cosplay: I’m not really sure how to answer that. I guess maybe that it’s a glamorous hobby? I can’t count the number of cuts and blisters I’ve gotten working on projects, or the layers of skin I’ve scrubbed off trying to remove dye or foam from my hands. I’ve slept on hotel room floors with 6 other people just to be able to afford to go to a convention. And if you think you can make a living off of it, forget it. I spend so much money on this hobby it would be less expensive to pick up a substance addiction.

Jack Nickelz: What does your friends and family think about your Cosplaying?

Mhysa Cosplay: They’re really supportive of it. People frequently tell me how much they love seeing all my costume posts on social media. My parents are probably my biggest fans, although they’re still getting used to seeing the sexier photos of me.

Jack Nickelz: Well thank you for taking time out to do this. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

Mhysa Cosplay: You can follow my work on social media at facebook.com/MhysaCosplay, twitter.com/mhysaCosplay, and http://mhysaCosplay.tumblr.com. I also attend a lot of conventions in the New England area, so if you see me, definitely say hi!


Photo credit: Future Photography by M3, Vander Photography, Robbins Studio