Comic book movies are profitable entities for movie studios, so when decisions are made for upcoming installments for various franchises, it’s significant news. One of the biggest movie franchises currently working to revive its characters on film are the Fantastic Four. With two films already hitting theaters in the past decade, it was determined that the series would need a reboot. The previous cast including Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis and Ioan Gruffudd just wasn’t going to cut it, and Evans being cast as Captain America sealed the deal that a new foursome needed to be cast.


It was announced this week that four new actors have been chosen, and there’s a bit of controversy surrounding the selections.

Michael B Jordan as Johnny Storm / The Human Torch and Kate Mara as Sue Storm/Richards
The controversy I’ve seen from others regarding this tandem is that Sue and Johnny are siblings, but the actors aren’t the same race. Some people claim that Michael B Jordan, an Africa-American actor, should not have been cast to portray a character whose comic book counterpart is white. Others recognize Jordan’s great work in Fruitvale Station, Friday Night Lights, The Wire, Chronicle and other roles, but claim that perhaps Kate Mara, the white actress from House Of Cards, 127 Hours, HappyThankYouMorePlease and other roles, got a role that should’ve gone to an African-American actress to match the race of Jordan.

The solution’s easy: One (or both) of them can be adopted. Their super powers aren’t based in their genetic makeup, they acquire them because of an accident which occurs during travel in space. They don’t need to have the same parents.

Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm / The Thing
From his first role as a ballet prodigy, Bell has shown that he’s a talented actor, but the controversy here comes from the fact that The Thing is a character known for his bulky, rock-hard physique. Though Bell has filled out a little bit after his debut as a gangly 14-year old in Billy Elliott, he’s got some work to do to show he can succeed portraying one of the larger characters in the Marvel Universe. If the filmmakers employ the use of motion capture technology to bring Ben Grimm’s alter ego to life on screen, Bell does have the advantage of having already been involved in the use of the technological approach through his work on The Adventures Of Tintin.

On a sidenote: I’d love to hear some of the discussions in boardrooms at Disney, Marvel’s parent company, when they discuss the fact that Jamie Bell is in an upcoming movie called Nymphomaniac.

Miles Teller as Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
Teller is perhaps the only actor in the bunch whose casting hasn’t brought any controversy (at least, none that I’ve seen thus far). He’s a talented guy whose work in The Spectacular Now was high-quality, but he’ll have to make the case that he can go from portraying slacker teenager roles to being one of the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe.

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