NBC has made another mistake. Normally this wouldn’t be a surprise, but this might be the biggest mistake they ever make. They have decided to shuffle their schedule for the spring, and it has some major ramifications. According to nymag.com In January, NBC is pulling the hit show Community from the schedule for to make room for the return of 30 Rock and some stupid Chelsea Handler sitcom. Whitney has been moved to Wednesday, so why couldn’t 30 rock take the 9:30 slot vacated by Whitney? Because instead of keeping Commmunity (One of the best shows on TV) around they moved Up All Night into the slot so Chelsea Handler’s show could have Up All Night’s Wed spot.

Other moves planned are less impactful. The new Series Prime Suspect has been pulled from the schedule. Although there’s been no decision onto the future of the show, it doesn’t look good. It’s 10 pm Thursday time slot is being replaced by The Firm (the series based on the John Grisham best selling novel). Rock Center has moved to Wed at 9 following the two sitcoms by two of the unfunniest women comedians alive,  Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler, making room on Monday night  at 10pm for NBC’s attempt at a Glee type show, Smash. Smash follows The Voice which airs from 8-10 starting in January.

Dateline moves to Sunday for two hours starting Feb until March when Harry’s Law moves to the Sunday at 9 slot. Harry’s Law will be following Celebrity Apprentice. More harrowing then all these changes which could have EASILY worked in favor of keeping community is that another  show’s time slot which has an early season finale (Parenthood– Feb 28) is being replaced by a reality show, the Project Runway type show Fashion Star.

None of this makes sense as to why Community had to be benched… the ratings are good, and it is one of the best shows on TV. It flabbergasts me… I guess the silver lining is that although the benching is indefinite, NBC gave assurance that they show WILL be coming back. It doesn’t make any sense and I hope for Greendale’s sake that the Chelsea handler show will suck as bad as her comedy and Community can take over that time slot when it’s cancelled after three episodes.  NBC really doesn’t it make it easy for anyone to like them do they?



















































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