Comic Book Heroines Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month might have come and gone, taking its pink NFL gear with it, but that doesn’t mean the fight ends. Because we’ve had women we know fight Breast Cancer, and due to our appreciation of that particular part of the anatomy, it’s our favorite cause to support.  That’s why when we saw the following images, we had to let you know about it.

Over on deviantART, the uber-talented HALFY created a comic book heroine themed ad campaign supporting breast cancer self examinations.

Thanks to for initially informing me about this.

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  • One Comment to Comic Book Heroines Support Breast Cancer Awareness

    1. That is definitely a new and refreshing way to promote breast cancer awareness. And I agree, even if its no longer the Breast Cancer Awareness month, the fight will always be up and standing. We can definitely prevent this cancer if we can be well-informed and conscious about the issue.