As an awkward middle child, Joy Regullano quickly learned that being funny was the best way to get attention. She went on to double major in Theater / Performance Studies and Southeast Asian Studies at UC Berkeley, appearing in plays with the UC Berkeley Theater Department and throughout the bay.

She is a graduate of the improv programs at Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City Hollywood, and iO West and currently performs with several sketch and improv teams across town. TV credits include SUPERNATURAL, RAISING HOPE, 90210, and CASTLE. She is also an avid writer and a burgeoning YouTuber with self-written viral video WHITE FETISH boasting over 400,000 hits. 

Jack Nickelz: So let us start from the beginning…what made you want to get into the Pre-Med field?

Joy Regullano: My parents are both doctors and I used to be really into math and science as a kid. I wanted to find the cure for cancer and stuff! Haha. I also wanted to please my traditional Asian parents with a stable job. 1957981_267330213440846_7693395981216775436_n

Jack Nickelz: Now you made the jump from Pre-Med to writing and acting. What sparked that move?

Joy Regullano: I went to UC Berkeley and got a B on my first math and chemistry tests. I’d only gotten one B+ before that in my entire life, so I freaked out and thought I’d never get into a good medical school. Meanwhile, I tried out this student theater group for fun and realized there was nothing that made me feel more amazing than making people laugh. So I realized that was what I wanted to do for a living.

Jack Nickelz: Do you remember your first gig?

Joy Regullano: I was in this eye makeup infomercial where I played a young starlet. I went into the audition with this ridiculous British accent and somehow it got me the job! Haha. My first TV gig was 90210 where I played a drug dealer. Super fun!

Jack Nickelz: What have been your fav. genre to act in?

Joy Regullano: I love comedy! Making people laugh is what got me addicted to performing in the first place.

Jack Nickelz: Is there a show you think you would be perfect for that you just haven’t had a chance to get on yet?

Joy Regullano: I’d love to be on Key & Peele or Portlandia! I’d also love to do more animation.

Jack Nickelz: Do you have more fun writing or acting?

Joy Regullano: I always thought of myself as more of a writer than an actor, but the universe has given me so many wonderful opportunities to act that it’s hard to say now. I love acting, but what I love most is writing stuff that I get to act in.

Jack Nickelz: Now you have been able to be on some great shows like Supernatural and Castle. How fun was it to be on shows that have great followings?


Joy Regullano: I had no idea that Supernatural had such a huge following, so it’s been amazing to be allowed into the family!! I love reading all the posts on Twitter and Tumblr.

Jack Nickelz: What are your thoughts on what seems like the rise in opportunities that female comics are getting?

Joy Regullano: It’s wonderful!! There has historically been so much male perspective in TV and film and the media that I’m glad things are finally balancing out and stereotypes are being broken. Balance is key in a healthy society!

Jack Nickelz: As the creator of WHITE FETISH, what are your thoughts on the…ASIAN FETISH?

Joy Regullano: Haha I’ve had a lot of experience with it, which was part of my inspiration for WHITE FETISH. There are books and books written on how problematic racial fetishizing is, so I won’t go into it here, but throughout my life it started to be the same thing over and over again – some white guy comes up to me, tries to guess my ethnicity, tells me about his previous Asian girlfriends, and most infuriatingly of all tries to teach me about my own language or culture, that eventually I’d be like oh great this again. Which brings me to the next question… 1957981_267330213440846_7693395981216775436_n

Jack Nickelz: What made you come up with WHITE FETISH?

Joy Regullano: Part of it is my experience with white guys with Asian fetishes. But part of it is that I actually have a small white guy fetish! I used to only go out with Asian guys, and lately I’ve only been dating white guys. I found myself saying things like, “Tell me more about Indiana” and being honestly fascinated with their Midwestern childhoods because it actually was exotic to me. So the sketch is partly a reversal on white guys with Asian fetishes to show how ridiculous the things they say are, and partly making fun of me and other Asian girls who have white guy fetishes and put down Asian guys.

Jack Nickelz: Are you surprised at the reaction you have gotten from WHITE FETISH?

Joy Regullano: I had a feeling it would do well on the internet because the interracial dating thing is very topical and relatable, and also let’s be honest, the internet loves little Asian girls. But I didn’t know it would get picked up by so many different blogs and websites!! It’s great to feel like it’s not just me who’s experienced these things. I also didn’t expect as much backlash from people who feel called out or blamed by the video, but I guess that’s how you know its successful social commentary, eh? Ultimately though I’m an entertainer, so I’m just glad so many people have watched and enjoyed it.

Jack Nickelz: Can you tell us a bit about your role as JUNKO?

Joy Regullano: Junko was a super obsessed Japanese fan girl that I got to play in the show TAKARAZUKA!!! At East West Players. I could relate to her because growing up I’d been a fan girl of Rivers Cuomo in Weezer and the Nickelodeon show Invader ZIM, but it was very fun to play such an extremely crazed fan. I also had fun learning some Japanese language and culture for the role.

Jack Nickelz: For those who don’t know, how different is stage performance compares to your on screen roles?

Joy Regullano: So far I’ve tended to play two kinds of roles—deadpan, like the one in SUPERNATURAL, and super excited, like the ones in RAISING HOPE and TAKARAZUKA. So onstage actually hasn’t been too different, besides the fact that onstage is bigger because you’re performing to a whole crowd instead of a small camera in your face! I guess that is a big difference though, you’ve really gotta make sure you’re heard or the audience isn’t gonna laugh at you!

Let The Games Begin

Jack Nickelz: How much fun do you have when you do improv?

Joy Regullano: I love it!! It’s my outlet to hone my skills and get to do what I love, which is making an audience laugh. I’ve also made a lot of my closest friends through the LA improv scene.

Jack Nickelz: Thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

Joy Regullano: Thank you for having me!! I guess just subscribe to my YouTube channel, I’ll be releasing more White Fetish episodes soon.

For more on Joy, check out:

https://twitter.com/joyregullano  http://instagram.com/joyregullano

https://www.youtube.com/user/jkregullano  http://www.joyregullano.com/



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