Byron Marshall and the Ducks were running past UCLA all game long. Photo by Getty Images

Byron Marshall and the Ducks were running past UCLA all game long. Photo by Getty Images

The Good
Oregon: It was another supposed big test for the Ducks, but they were able to blow by UCLA. The Bruins gave them a tough game in the beginning, but they couldn’t keep the Oregon offense down for long. The multi-headed rushing attack of Mariota, Marshall, Tyner and Thomas kept wearing down the Bruin defense into submission. Their defense deserves mention since they aggressive and in Brett Hundley’s face all game. With this win over a highly ranked team, one would think Oregon would jump Florida State to #2 in the BCS.

Connor Shaw: The Gamecock QB did not start the game, but when his team found itself down 17-0 in the 4th quarter against Missouri, he went in. All he did was bring South Carolina back from that big deficit, throwing 3 TDs, the second of which tied the game with under a minute to go and the 3rd which essentially saved the game and sent it to a second OT. It was a very gutsy performance from a guy who most didn’t even expect to play and provides a jolt to the team after a disheartening loss last week.

The Bad
Texas Tech: The Red Raiders had their first true test of the season in the Sooners. While they played valiantly, they were ultimately undone by an inability to at least slow down the Oklahoma offense as well as some costly turnovers. They were actually able to come back from being down 21-7 to take the lead at one point, but couldn’t hold it.

UCLA: The Bruins played the Ducks well and headed into halftime with a tie game. Then they just got bowled over by the relentless Oregon offense as it seemed nothing they did could even slow it down.  To add insult to injury, as the game was getting away in the 4th quarter, Herbstreit and Musberger started talking about how UCLA’s young guys set them up well for the future. Ouch.

The Ugly
Virginia Tech: The Hokies had recovered from their season opening loss to Alabama and seemed to be on a roll, but something went wrong when they lost to Duke. Was it Logan Thomas throwing 4 INTs? Was it their defense holding the Blue Devils to under 200 total yards and still losing? How about having nearly 400 yards on offense and only 10 points to show for it? Whatever it is, they sure better figure it out before their game against Miami in two weeks.

Northwestern: What’s going on with the Wildcats? They had so much promise heading into the season and were considered a darkhorse contender in the B1G. Not so anymore after an OT defeat at the hands of Iowa. That makes it 4 straight losses and all in conference play for a 4-4 records. With their next three games being Nebraska, Michigan and Michigan State and given the way they’ve been playing, Northwestern is in danger of missing a bowl game.

The ‘Charlie Weis Ate My Cheeseburger’ Award for Defense: Sure the Duke defense gave up nearly 400 yards to Virginia Tech, but it was the 4 INTs they caught that proved a vital part of their upset of the Hokies. 

The ‘Shirley, You Must Be Joking?’ Offensive Performance Of The Week: Sure any of the usual suspects could go here, but Northern Illinois’ deserves the nod here as he was in MACtion mode (when is he not?) against Eastern Michigan. He passed for 4 TDs and rushed for another while passing for over 200 yards and getting nearly 100 on the ground. Nothing new from him, right? Well just to add a little variety, Lynch actually had a receiving TD. So he had 6 total TDs in 3 different ways as Northern Illinois continues to steamroll towards another possible BCS berth.

The ‘These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For’ Mystery Of The Week: In addition to their many mentions of UCLA’s young talent, Musberger and Herbstreit’s conversation veered into how AJ McCarron isn’t higher up on the Heisman poll. Of course since they mentioned McCarron, Brent has to mention his girlfriend and make another creepy comment. Has he not learned anything from the last time he mentioned her on air?