The Good
Oregon: Their dominance of Stanford proved once again just how relentless and unforgiving the Oregon offense can be and their defense wasn’t bad either. They kept pounding the ball right into the Stanford front seven and kept getting big runs. Though the defense gave up 30 points, they were able to make adjustments and did a good job of pressuring Luck into some turnovers. Their long shot BCS title hopes got alot more realistic and would need Oklahoma State to lose and win the Pac 12 title to have any chance.

Purdue: They beat Ohio State in a massive upset. You wouldn’t know that by the amount of media coverage focused on other games, which is a shame, since it was a thriller that went into overtime. Purdue stepped up when it mattered most and QB Robert Mavre in particular didn’t let a late mistake shake his confidence and led the winning drive in overtime. The win is also crucial for Purdue as it puts them one win away from being bowl eligible and could make 10 such team for the Big Ten.

The Bad
Game of The Millenium Rematch: With Boise and Stanford losing, all that stands in the way of a Bama-LSU rematch in the national title game to happen is an Oklahoma State loss and that could come when the Cowboys play the Sooners. That would be disastrous. I mean who outside of the SEC really wants to see that? Their regular season meeting was a boring game of field goals that was absurdly overhyped and the potential rematch hype would be ridiculous. Oklahoma State’s offense versus the LSU defense would make for a  much more compelling matchup.

FSU and Miami: With the way they’ve  played this season, it’s not a surprise both are unranked. A season where both had dreams of competing in the ACC has tumbled into one of mediocrity. It doesn’t really matter that Florida State has 7 wins now, because they really haven’t beaten anyone of note. This game wasn’t pretty, being filled with turnovers, some sloppy play and certainly will be on Miami wants to forget.


The Ugly
Boise State: They get an automatic place in ‘The Really Ugly’ section just for their horrendously garish field. However, what puts them  here is their kicker choking and shanking a game winning field goal.  Although they did beat Georgia, losing to a lesser team does nothing for their BCS chances. It’s easy to think you’re an elite team when you’re beating the cellar dwellers of FBS. With the loss people can finally stop talking about this team from a cupcake conference as a national title contender.

Stanford: The loss was huge and dashed any chances of the Cardinal being in the BCS title game. They’re still a top 10 team and have a chance to get an at-large BCS berth. However that is lost on most pundits because they’re too busy falling all over themselves to rag on Stanford for being overrated and pointing out how bad they were against Oregon. Yes flaws were exposed, but one loss is not really enough to declare them done. They also like to say how Luck has taken a huge hit in the Heisman race, but the loss isn’t all on him. Despite all the naysayers, Luck is still the frontrunner, but it has gotten much more interesting.

The ‘Charlie Weis Ate My Cheeseburger’ Award for Defense: Oklahoma State. Yes, really. The big story coming out of their rout of Texas Tech is the performance of the offense. That should get attention, but the effort of the defense should not be overlooked. They held a Red Raider team that usually scores in bunches to only 6 points. That can only mean good things going forward.

The ‘Surely You Must Be Joking? No I’m Not And Stop Calling Me Shirley’ Offensive Performance Of The Week: Colin Klein. The Kansas State QB threw for 281 yards and a touchdown, which is not out of the norm, but he also had 103 yards rushing and rushed for 5 touchdowns. Yes that’s right, 5 rushing touchdown from a QB. That has to be a record for a QB, or at least ties the record.

The ‘These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For’ Mystery Of The Week: Penn State. With all the allegations, the firing of JoePa, the riots in response to the firing, what people did or did not know, what they did or did not do, and the insane amount of media coverage focused on this scandal, it’s hard to know what is the real story. Joe Paterno’s involvement and his subsequent firing has almost overshadowed the allegations themselves. We may never know the true story, but there’s no doubt we’ll be feeling the effects of this for a very long time.