So YOU think you can pick em? Wanna prove it?

I’ve set up a Yahoo group where you pick the winners of all 35 bowl games, and assign confidence points.

IE – say you’re 100% positive Penn State will beat Florida, you drag and drop the Nittany Lions up to the highest point total. As the games go on (they start in 5 days, December 18th) – you can compete against one another and see how you hold up against the Yahoo Universe.

Its fun. Its Easy. We can track games, and scores, and talk crazy trash here at Guys Nation.

You do NOT need to “know” college football to do this. You can randomly put together your picks like so many people do with March Madness Brackets. Honestly I’ve been doing this for 4 years and I think 1 year has been won by someone who I’d consider a “College Football Fan”.

Here is the link:

Other possible information of NOte.

Group ID#: 19637
Password: xiv

Invite your friends, family, co workers, strangers on the bus. The more the merrier, and I’ll continue with some break downs and hype pieces about the bowls in the coming weeks!