481831_171433026334489_1770157609_nMelodicMitsuki (Mitsuki Aika)- started cosplaying in 2011, and never looked back. Mitsuki is also a theater performer, dancer, and freelance commissioner. Has been a member of CosPlay Burlesque since 2013, and a Shinkou Promo-Model since 2014. She likes anime/manga, comic books and video games, and likes to laugh during photo shoots; Always reminding you to smile everyday!

Mr. Incredible: So I guess the first question is, what got you into doing Cosplay?

MelodicMitsuki: My friends are what got me into Cosplay again really. I had known about NY Comic Con and such but never really cosplayed. Years later I made friends who mentioned something familiar and I wanted to check it out. Already being a lover of manga and anime from a young age. In 2011 I was introduced to what was known as Cosplay and I fell in love, and haven’t gone back since.

Mr. Incredible: Do you remember the first person you Cosplayed as?


MelodicMitsuki: I made my Cosplay debut as Mey Rin, the sniper/maid from the Anime Black Butler.

Mr. Incredible: For those who don’t know, can you tell us what exactly goes into a good Cosplay?

MelodicMitsuki: A lot can go into a good Cosplay, whether it be the sewing, painting, wig styling or prop making. The most important thing should be LOVE for the character your cosplaying.

Mr. Incredible: What are some deciding factors for who you choose to Cosplay as?

MelodicMitsuki: When I go into deciding who to cosplay, I like having a good/personal connection with the character, and a strong love and respect for them.

Mr. Incredible: What have some of your fav. characters to Cosplay as?

MelodicMitsuki: I LOVE cosplaying as Erza Scarlet, also Princess Celestia.

Mr. Incredible: Do you have one character you are known to dress as?

MelodicMitsuki: I’m known for my Princess Celestia, but I’m more known as Erza, my friends are always telling me how very similar we are.


Mr. Incredible: Are there any characters that you wouldn’t Cosplay as?

MelodicMitsuki: I don’t have specific characters I wouldn’t Cosplay as, I just know that if I’m not very familiar or I don’t have a connection with the character I won’t Cosplay them.

Mr. Incredible: How do your friends, family and significant other feel about your Cosplaying?

MelodicMitsuki: The majority of my friends are cosplayers, so they approve lol, my family is always accepting/supporting of my work.

Mr. Incredible: What do you think about the acceptance Cosplaying has been receiving in the mainstream media?

MelodicMitsuki: I think it’s cool and all, but it has brought upon issues like “fake geek girls”, “being cosfamous” and such. I just think if you love cosplaying do it cause you love it, not cause it’s the mainstream thing to do.527769_276364772483145_787098271_n

Mr. Incredible: Being someone of color, how do you feel about about doing something that has been mainly done by Asian and white people?

MelodicMitsuki: I don’t see myself really as a person of color, but just as a person. It doesn’t matter to me.

Mr. Incredible: How did you come up with your name?

MelodicMitsuki: Well I was talking with a cosbuddy one night trying to decide an alias name cosplay, and after throwing around ideas and reaching. I got MelodicMitsuki which means melodic light/beautiful moon.

Mr. Incredible: Tell us about being a Cosplay Shinkou Promo Model?

MelodicMitsuki: Being a Cosplay Shinkou Promo model is just as it sounds, I’ll do all I can to promote the magazines, attend event, discuss new ideas and such. It’s fun, we are doing all we can to promote a new convention which ShinkouCon 2015

Mr. Incredible: What do you do as a CPB performer?

MelodicMitsuki: CPB is short for CosPlay Burlesque. I’m a burlesque performer for the troop, and I have a blast doing it.10464083_475881412556314_1275661016556313803_n

Mr. Incredible: Who are some of the Cosplayers that you enjoy to watch?

MelodicMitsuki: I like VampyBitMe, Yaya Han, Lilth Oya, CupCake Cosplay, the list goes on forever, I really enjoy watching everyone Cosplay it makes my heart fly.

Mr. Incredible: Thank you for taking time to do this interview. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans and readers?

MelodicMitsuki: I just want to say thank you to everyone so much for the support, it means the world to me really, and I’m so grateful I found Cosplay, it have me wonderful friends and fun and amazing memories. To all, enjoy Cosplay always and remember it’s all about the fun<3

To find out more about Melodic Mitsuki, check her out at

http://melodicmitsuki.deviantart.com/  https://www.facebook.com/MelodicMitsukiAika


Photo Credit: AshB images, Darryl Brooks, Gianna Rovelli, Paul Williams Photography