Charlie Sheen has become a cultural icon as of late, dominating celebri-media with his Tiger Blood fueled Winning ways.  He takes aim, with some of his rants, directly at Chuck Lorre, so should Sheen’s fans follow suit in their dislike of Lorre?

Only if they’re sheep or lemmings.

If anything, Charlie Sheen should be grateful for Chuck Lorre, who is the writer of Two And A Half Men.  Because of that show, Charlie Sheen emerged back into the spotlight nearly a decade after his career hit the skids.  It’s because of Chuck Lorre’s characters that Sheen has a forum through which to reclaim A-List status instead of being a has-been.

The credit doesn’t go the opposite direction, either.  Charlie Sheen’s character mirrors his real life in various ways, so it doesn’t take tremendous acting skills to portray the character.  If that was all that was on Lorre’s resume, more people might rightfully side with Mr Tigers Blood Warlock himself.

In addition to his work in the 90’s and late 80’s, Chuck Lorre also has two other shows currently on television, one of them being the hugely popular Big Bang Theory.

Need more proof?  Jon Cryer.  After a good run in the 80’s and very early 90’s, he had been on the Hollywood D list for over a decade before Chuck Lorre’s show gave him the same revamping that Charlie Sheen got.  Johnny Galecki had been on a 10 year slump in his career following his stint as a side character on Rosanne, and now he’s one of the main characters on one of the hottest shows on television, Big Bang Theory.  He too has Chuck Lorre to thank for his rise in celebrity stock.

Two And A Half Men allowed Charlie Sheen to have a career rebound.  Chuck Lorre is the reason that show is good.  Charlie Sheen just comes across as ungrateful to a man who helped resurrect his career, and the fact that he seems to be in the process of going out of his mind gives less credibility to his view of Lorre.

If Charlie Sheen keeps this up, the next project he gets involved in could look something like a low budget version of this:

Art by J Scott Campbell

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