Recently Carrie Fisher did an interview with Good Morning America where her snark took center stage. Good-natured interviewer Amy Robach became the target of some bitterness Fisher built up over the years, and although Robach seemed highly entertained by the star who is famous almost solely based on her Princess Leia performances, the target of her insensitive remarks was an unfortunate choice.

First, it’s probably a good idea to sit back and be entertained by the interview.

Just as a short recap, here were some of the stronger moments from Fisher:

  • As an actress over the age of 40, she didn’t need to be ‘asked’ to return to Hollywood
  • She was upset to hear that Amy Robach was over 40
  • Instead of answering the question about being asked to lose weight for the film (a tertiary follow-up to how she prepared for the film), she mentioned that it was a topic she would only talk about with Robach because Amy was “so thin”.
  • She called Amy Robach not normal, claiming Robach won the genetic jackpot and that her parents “mated well”
  • Past interviewees might have fallen asleep and Robach just might not have noticed

If Robach was a 30-something former Miss America pageant contestant who was good at remembering questions and got to talk to famous people because of her charisma, that would be one thing. One look at her resume shows that she’s been working in television for well over a decade, but it also brings up another important fact that Carrie Fisher might’ve wanted to know before taking jabs at Amy Robach for being in good shape: Amy Robach is a breast cancer survivor.

Is that the sort of information that you would want to know about someone interviewing you? Maybe, but not everyone goes public with personal health issues… Except Amy Robach found out about her breast cancer after receiving a mammogram on live television in October 2013 and gave updates about how the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes two months later.

While other websites talk about how Fisher “owns” the interview or “scorched ‘Good Morning America’” and how her performance “show[s] everyone how interviews should be done” largely without even mentioning Amy Robach by name, we took a minute to get a fuller view of the situation.

So the fact that Robach works out every day? It’s probably because she has been fighting through rounds of radiation and recovering physically and mentally from treatment to help rid her of cancer. She didn’t just win a genetic lottery. Perhaps that comment is just bitterness coming from Fisher, whose parents are Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, both of whom were kinda famous back in the day (Reynolds starred in over 20 films in the 1950’s alone; Fisher had dozens of songs in the Top 20 in the early 50s alone and ended up marrying Elizabeth Taylor).

But yeah, her dog was a goofy addition to an interview on a popular morning television show.


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