The first full trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been released by Marvel, and it looks awesome! There wasn’t much doubt that the film was going to be good, but this is exceeding my expectations. Before I talk too much more about it, let’s show you what they released, then we’ll hit the details:

Here’s a little run-down of what we saw:

  • Scarlett Johansson returns as The Black Widow, and although there were rumors of a potentially budding romance between she and Cap’, there wasn’t much of any hints to that in the trailer, aside from her mentioning that he should ask out someone in “statistics”. Fans of the Hawkeye character should be happy that they leave the door open for Black Widow to get back with him.
  • Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury is still involved as SHIELD’s leader, and there’s still apparently some friction between he and Captain America and their respective ideologies.
  • Robert Redford plays a role as something of a political figure, and although they hint that maybe his intentions don’t line up with those of SHIELD, they do show him shaking hands with Nick Fury.
  • cap-falconAnthony Mackie is in the film as The Falcon. You’ll notice
    a scene where he has a backpack that converts into something of a hang-glider.
  • The guy with a bionic-looking arm? I won’t go too much into that, because it’ll probably spoil a few things about the plot for those of you not in the know, but he’s not only a badass character, he’s a very important character in the overall Captain America story.
  • No mention of Agent Coulson or Maria Hill in the trailer, though Cobie Smulders is mentioned on the IMDB listing.
  • The helicarrier once again has mid-flight troubles, and at this point, I don’t think I’d take a job that forced me to work up there. You can understand why Coulson doesn’t have his crew from the television show on it. I’d take the “bus”, too.

Not that I needed this trailer to get hyped for the film, but it damn sure helped!


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