Over three years ago, I featured Candice Swanepoel in an edition of my on-going series of articles featuring The Lovely women of the world. A picture I saw today reminds me that it’s probably a good idea to remind you of just how gorgeous she is, so take a few moments and enjoy.

Candice-Swanepoel_eyes_l9fySnM Candice-Swanepoel_eyes_OOXW9R8

Candice-Swanepoel_legs_JbEgsIl Candice-Swanepoel_signing_KzV96VG Candice-Swanepoel_couch_EHFl8hk

Remember, this isn’t the only Candice Swanepoel article here on GuysNation, and it’s just one of many pictorials in my on-going series, The Lovely.