The last big event feels like it was just a week ago. If you drank enough during the WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER event, the effects of the hangover could almost still be looming. Do I hate the idea that WWE Money In The Bank is happening just two weeks after we last had a Sunday evening event? No, but I had to look at the card really hard to find reasons to watch this instead of the season finale of Game Of Thrones. Here’s what I came up with:

Prime Time Players might FINALLY get their due.

Titus O’Neil and Darren Young have always been a quality tag team. Even before they showed how entertaining they could be on the mic, they had shown to have great chemistry with one another and a catchphrase that fans can chant along (and bounce along) with. I’m not saying they’re going to be on the list with the top tag teams of all time, but they’re one of my favorite teams in the past decade, and they deserve the chance to run with the belts. With Cesaro And Kidd sidelined, now would be a GREAT time to have The PTP get the gold. The promo work between them and New Day will be entertaining. I’d look forward to a feud they could have with The Wyatt Family, The Ascension, The Lucha Dragons… The PTP have the potential to be the next DX, and it could all start tonight at Money In The Bank.


Paige could end the monotony.

So long as Nikki Bella has the WWE Diva’s Championship, the monotony will continue. Sure, a lot of guys probably head to the fridge when the Diva’s Title Match starts, but there’s tons of potential in that division. For as long as I can remember, anyone NOT named Bella, Paige or AJ has been treated like little more than an after-thought. Naomi feuding with Paige could be a really good thing headed to SummerSlam, with tons more potential – in-ring or on the mic – than Nikki standing in Paige’s shoes. If Nikki retains tonight, either we get more Paige / Bella feuding, or Paige gets unjustly put on the backburner and we’ll either get another Battle Of The Bellas or the Bellas will turn heel again to give an NXT Diva some main-roster time.


Kevin Owens could make Cena bleed.

Even now that the PG Era is mostly a thing of the past, WWE doesn’t typically have its wrestlers bleed in the ring. By all accounts, wrestlers who blade (cause themselves to bleed during the match) get reprimanded. While it seems fairly obvious that John Cena is going to be victorious tonight, I’m expecting another top notch match between these two, and it would be great for Kevin Owens to make John Cena bleed. It becomes a feather in Owens’ cap, provides a great visual (even if they will only show it in black and white), and leaves a lasting impression for the second match between the duo. KO is being established as a guy who likes to fight, and the loss won’t detract much if he leaves Cena with at least a partial crimson mask.


Go DIFFERENT with the Money In The Bank Briefcase.

If Randy Orton wins the MITB Briefcase, it’ll be a huge waste. Continuing the feud between he and Rollins and The Authority is getting played out. Giving it to KANE? Now THAT could be interesting, even if there’s obviously no intention of giving him the belt again before he retires. Neville doesn’t deserve it yet, but it would certainly add intrigue to what comes next for The Man Gravity Forgot. Kofi Kingston winning it would be really interesting, especially in light of the New Day’s claim that Kofi winning it means that their entire team wins it. Would they use the cash-in on the tag titles, or one of the singles titles? Sure, that would detract a bit from the main event situation, but it would be GREAT for whatever other division is involved. Dolph Ziggler finally getting another chance to make a major impact atop the card could be really cool, as he was red hot the last time he was holding a briefcase, and a victory for Ziggler would be a huge surprise in my book. Sheamus winning tonight would feel really awkward, unless somehow The Authority decides they’d rather have him in the driver’s seat instead of Seth Rollins… but it also seems too early for that to happen. Roman Reigns taking the briefcase would be really, really interesting, especially if he cashes it in on Dean Ambrose…


Dean Ambrose could become champion. For real.

Sure, Dean Ambrose has been carrying around the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, but he’s not ACTUALLY the champ. Whether he leaves the pay per view with the belt or not, having him at least officially become champion tonight would be incredible. Though others have become champion for a short-term basis in the past, never to sniff a real opportunity again for years, this would give Ambrose a considerable amount of legitimacy.