Yeah, I got Twitter now, and most of the accounts I’m following were ones that I found that the GuysNation master account was following.  One of them was the Maxim Magazine account, and it promised a list of “Awesome Last Name” movies.  I read the list, and frankly I need to share a piece of my mind with Maxim and the Movie Blog author Jesse Thompson.

Rambo, Tango & Cash and Bullitt were the only movies in the list that I could agree with at all.  Thank God they were in the top 5, but the other 7 they had listed were just pathetic.

Let me offer some options up that they missed:

Shaft.  This movie was so awesome and bad ass that it got a sequel remake and countless cultural references all across the board.

Starsky & Hutch.  The remake wasn’t awesome, but the old tv show warrants it enough respect to put it on the list above the likes of Malone or McQ.

Fletch.  You don’t have to like Chevy Chase if you don’t want to, but at least give it enough respect to give it a shout out.  Sure he doesn’t have the ass kickin’ ways that the other ones do, but it’s still a great flick.

Rocky.  Yeah it’s his first name, and you can leave it off the list because of that if you want to, but these movies were good enough that they at least deserve an honorable mentioning.

The Big Lebowski.  I’m real surprised this didn’t make the cut of the top 10, especially since they mentioned it in referencing 1988’s “Hamilton”.

I’m sure y’all can think of a few more, but that’s all I got, and all I gotta say is that the Maxim article had some glaring problems, and they should think about changing it up a bit.

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