I saw the Anderson Silva fight against Forrest Griffin, how he dismantled The Ultimate Fighter winner and made him look like a chump, so I was looking forward to more of the same from last night’s fight halfway across the world against Damien Maia, and unlike a lot of people, I wasn’t disappointed with UFC 112.

CBS Sports – the company who failed to get UFC on their network in primetime – seems to have sour grapes about how Anderson Silva acted last night.  National Columnist Gregg Doyel pathetically asked for his money back in his column today.  He called Silva’s antics “shenanigans” and said Anderson “was the most douchebaggiest fighter in the world” during his fight with Maia.

Why, because Silva toyed with Maia?  Because Silva didn’t want the fight to end WAY early like what happened against supposed contender Forrest Griffin?

I liked the way Anderson Silva showed his dominance at UFC 112.  I don’t care that Silva might’ve shown Maia some disrespect.  I don’t care that the live Abu Dabi crowd hated it and chanted for Georges St Pierre.  If UFC has a problem with it, they need to get Silva into a fight with someone who’s going to challenge him.  That’s what he wants, listen to his interviews.  He wants to be the most dominating fighter in the world and span all the different weight classes he’s capable of being in.

I heard that Dana White is talking about putting Anderson Silva on the preliminary card, and if that’s true, if Anderson Silva isn’t going to be on a pay per view?  Chances are good that I ain’t buying it, and a lot of other people are going to follow suit.

I also heard that Dana White is saying that Anderson Silva doesn’t deserve a fight against Georges St Pierre?  Well that’s just idiotic, because that’s a fight that no MMA fan is going to want to miss, and he’s saying that just because Anderson Silva dominated and toyed with Damien Maia?

Feel free to disagree with me if you want, but I’ve seen Muhammad Ali toy with his opponents before when they stacked up, and if you don’t like it that Anderson Silva is showing the same kind of dominance?  Fine, go back and watch those boring ass fights of Mike Tyson from back in the day that lasted less than a minute.  Anderson Silva put on a SHOW last night, and y’all should be appreciative.

Besides, UFC 112 had a lot more to it than just the Anderson Silva fight.  If you can’t appreciate BJ Penn gettin’ his belt taken away by a no-frills guy from New Jersey like Frankie Edgar, or two legends battling like Matt Hughes and Renzo Gracie, then I guess somebody else from CBS should be covering MMA, or they should just stick to their Strikeforce and be biased news reporting.

That’s the Bud View.