The Amazing Spider-Man lost its top spot at the box office, and not even to a movie getting good reviews.

Such is often the case with G-rated films during their opening weekends, but take nothing away from Ice Age Continental Drift, they pulled in $46 M and were $11 M ahead of where Spidey finished up this weekend.

Ted saw only a small drop in ticket sales as it entered its third weekend at the box office, bringing in $22 M to bring its US box office earnings to $158.9 M – more than triple its budget.

Magic Mike ($9 M) had more staying power than Savages ($8.7), and Brave ($10.7) continued to best both of them despite being in the theater longer.

Almost all the remaining films from last week’s Top 20 stayed in that list, as only Ice Age debuted over $500k for the weekend. Next weekend, with the release of DARK KNIGHT RISES, it should be yet another weekend where one new film dominates and everything else scatters a bit.

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