Two big options hit the movie theater this weekend, and if you’re a guy, the options are fairly simple: do you want action while you laugh, or do you just want to laugh?

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

With the addition of Simon Pegg to the cast of Mission: Impossible series, these flicks have stepped it up a notch by adding some good comedy to go with the incredible action. I’d be surprised if this one wasn’t entertaining.


Remember all those Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo films where the Griswolds took a vacation? Well their son in those movies is all grown up with a family of his own, and although I’m skeptical, it could turn out to be a really funny flick. If you liked either of the Horrible Bosses films, you’re probably going to like VACATION because the same writers are involved.

There are a few other films hitting theaters, if you can find them. Two of them are documentaries, one of which is about the wild world of LEGO.

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