I’ve been a Cowboy fan since I was 8 years old, I’ve never felt worse about my team. We aren’t good, we aren’t bad. We are stuck in the twilight zone of mediocrity. We are a franchise lacking direction; the organization seems content to wander aimlessly.

The Cowboys issues begin and end with Jerry Jones. As a businessman Jerry is a visionary. The New Texas stadium is a modern marvel, and the boys are always among the most talked about and relevant teams in the league. Jerry is a brilliant business man, what he isn’t is a football man.

After watching last night’s pitiful performance versus the Giants it’s apparent that it’s time for significant changes in Big D. Jerry Jones must fire himself as general manager. Ask yourself, would businessman Jerry fire GM Jerry. A man who’s handpicked a team that falls apart every December. Who’s drafted, signed or retained players who make fundamental mistakes at the most inopportune times.

The biggest problem the Cowboys have is a cultural one. If you’re a parent you know that a united front. If a child knows that they can go to the other parent to get what they want then they will. The little snots are masters of divide and conquer. Jerry often literally looking over Jason Garrett’s shoulder, Jerry comments on player’s injury status, their contract status, and generally everything about the team as a coach would, the man has a laminated play sheet by his side in the owner’s suite. Jerry loves the limelight and makes it impossible for any coach to do their job because players know that the coach is not the final authority.

Teams take on the personality of their coaches, however with the Cowboys the team takes on the personality of their owner. Your coach should be the strongest personality on the team, it can be argued that Jason Garrett is the 3rd strongest personality behind Jones and Rob Ryan.

Unlike Jerry the businessman, Jerry the owner/GM/Real Head Coach, the Cowboys are nervous, rash and unprepared. These are the same traits we saw against the Giants Sunday night.

There’s no accountability people make basic mistakes and aren’t called on it. Whether its critical interceptions from Romo, Demarcus Ware jumping off sides or Terrence Newman’s in ability to tackle anyone, the bucks……nowhere. Bill Parcells built the Cowboys up during his tenure and the team has gotten progressively worse personnel wise since his deparature. When will Jones hold himself accountable for his performance as General Manager of the Cowboys?

Everyone always says, “the Cowboys have so much talent.” Really? Who on our team would you like to start for you team? Demarcus Ware is a no brainer. Sean Lee is a nice up and coming player and Ratliff is a dominate nose tackle.

People give Tony Romo a hard time, but he came through for the team down the stretch. Still  many would take several Qb’s over him.  Anyone with a brain would take Brady, Rodgers, Brees, and Big Ben over him and a case can be made for Stafford, Rivers as well.
Our offensive line is average at best, Demarco Murray emerged late in the seaons but Felix Jones was the back the team was hanging their heads on. Worse our secondary is atrocious, if there’s a worse one in the league please show me.

Don’t tell Jerry, he signed Newman to a 6 year contract extension at age 30 and and also resigned unproven Orlando Scandrick.

Worst of all the Cowboys have had opportunites to get football guys inside of the valley ranch complex. Sean Payton(Saints coach) served as the offensive coordinator under Parcells. Jim Harbaugh was available last season. Bill Cowher has been available, for years and Jeff Fisher is currently available. Though it won’t matter who the coach is as long Jerry is still calling the shots.

Sadly my Cowboys have becomes the Washington Redskins, Southwest. For a diehard cowboy fan there is no greater shame.