Quite the variety of famous badasses who share June 20th as a birthday:

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

Rampage Jackson

Though maybe his best days of fighting are over, he’s still one of the most dangerous people on Earth if he was mad at you. If he wasn’t, he’s definitely the type of guy you’d like to share a beer with.

John Goodman

If you just remember as the fun-loving dad from Roseanne, then you might not remember how scary he looked when he was mad. You might also want to look into how menacing he looked on COMMUNITY and The Big Lebowski, just to name a couple options.

Danny Aiello

He’s usually not the main bad guy, and he’s not always a bad guy at all, but he definitely gives off the vibe that you want him on your side when things go down.

Robert Rodriguez

He’s the guy that brought you Jessica Alba in the stripper cowboy outfit, and bad ass movies like Desperado, Machete and Grindhouse.

Errol Flynn

He’s the original Robin Hood. ‘Nuff said.

Sorry, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, your scene shooting up a cop car as McLovin or hopping off a dumpster in Kick-Ass wasn’t enough to get you on the list despite today being your birthday. Maybe after the Kick-Ass sequel comes out…

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