There’s quite a variety of lovely ladies whose birthday is June 19th.

Zoe Saldana

She was steamy in blue as Neytiri from AVATAR, deadly hot in COLOMBIANA, and explored the final frontier as Uhura from the STAR TREK remake.

Mia Sara

Though you might only know her as the reason FERRIS BUELLER wanted to skip school, isn’t that enough?

Phylicia Rashad

Between Claire Huxtable on the COSBY SHOW and Winnie Guster on PSYCH, she’s an iconic television mom.

Kathleen Turner

Whether it’s bringing the Body Heat or waging a War of the Roses, Kathleen is a legendary hottie. Even though she’s not physically on screen, she’s half the reason Jessica Rabbit was soooo steamy.

Paula Abdul

Whether she’s singing, dancing or judging those types of performances, she’s forever our girl.