Word from sources inside the WWE state that former World Champion Dave Batista will be leaving the WWE very soon.

With his contract coming to an end, Dave Batista was slated to appear in an upcoming WWE Film, but with negotiations to keep Batista with the company stalled, WWE went with Triple H in the role instead.

Word is that Batista was angered by losing the lead role in “Killing Karma”, and he now plans to make good on his talk regarding leaving the WWE, which started back in January.

Having lost to John Cena in an attempt to regain the World Championship at WWE’s Extreme Rules pay per view on April 25th, this lends even more credibility to the rumors.

This couldn’t come at a worse time for WWE, which just recently seems to have found its niche with Batista, giving him a character “gimmick” which has warmed him to larger portions of the WWE fans who were otherwise apathetic towards the muscle-bound competitor.¬† His value to rival TNA has increased significantly in the past couple months, and once his no compete clause is done, expect to see him on Monday Night’s IMPACT.