If you’re not familiar with Twitter’s “Hash Tags” concept, then you probably aren’t familiar with Frisky Friday, which is a truly wonderful thing.  About a month ago when I stumbled upon #FriskyFriday for the first time, it was amazing, and the past two installments were just as good, if not better (you can view them by clicking the Frisky Friday tag on this article, which will display all the past articles).

Hot women, some of whom are Playboy Playmates, post scantily clad images of themselves.  Instead of having you spend tons of time trying to find the best pics, I’ve got them for you here at GuysNation!

Note it, if you’re one of the ladies pictured below, I assume you’re okay with people seeing your pictures since you posted them on Twitter.  If you’d like me to remove it, just respond and let me know which image and I’ll make it happen.

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Gotta love the NCAA bodypaint

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