It’s getting to be something that I don’t much debate anymore. When Rocksteady releases a new Batman: Arkham game, I buy it. In fact, if the recently announced Batman: Arkham Knight game isn’t going to be released on PS3, then I’ll be buying a PS4 that much sooner.

Today I found the trailer for the 2014 installment in the wildly popular game series which is almost unanimously considered to be awesome. Who am I to make you wait another minute without seeing it?

From the very start, we hear Scarecrow talking about fears. We spot Harley Quinn kicking some ass. There’s also Two Face showing up rather prominently, as well as Penguin helping him out.

Best of all? There are strong rumors that the Batmobile is not only a playable aspect of the game, but it’s something you can’t complete the game without using.