In my quest to bring something new and outside the norm in terms of articles for this site, I’ve finally come up with something that combines manliness and my background in History. Thus this is the first installment in my Badasses of History series, where we all get to learn about some truly amazing people in history who did some incredible things. Our first badass is Audie Murphy. Now some of you might be wondering: Who the hell is Audie Murphy? Well he was a decorated World War II soldier with a ton of awards and decorations. It what’s he did to earn some of those that makes him a badass.

Murphy had a tough time from the get go trying to enlist. After Pearl Harbor, he was rejected because he was too young. Also, he was 5’5” and 110 lbs and was repeatedly rejected due to that, however he finally joined the Army. He saw no action in North Africa, but in Italy was were he finally got into it. During a battle against German tanks near Anzio, he used Molotov cocktails and grenades to take out one such tank, all while being fired upon. Yeah he took on a tank ALL BY HIMSELF, on foot no less. So the lesson is that you just don’t screw with Audie Murphy, which the Germans foolishly never learned.

Fast forward to August 1944 and the invasion of southern France. While trying to take a German position, the Nazi guys signaled to Murphy and his fellow soldiers that they were surrendering. It was all a ploy, when the Americans came forward, the Nazis started firing and killed Murphy’s friend. Bad decision, by which I mean incredibly stupid. That’s because Murphy then went totally berserk, stormed a machine gun nest firing at him, took out its crew and proceeded to use the gun to lay waste to other German positions like something out of a movie.

Still not convinced about Audie Murphy? Well let’s look at what happened in the Holtzwihr forest in France. During the battle, his company was decimated and prudence suggested a retreat. But this is Audie Murphy we’re talking about. He went all Gandalf YOU SHALL NOT PASS on the Germans, climbing into the top of a burning M10 tank and using its machine gun and called-in artillery strikes to hold off the Germans for nearly an hour. Did I mention he this did all while the tank was on fire, suffering from malaria and dealing with a gunshot wound to the leg?

His actions in Holtzwihr earned him the Medal of Honor, one of his 33 that makes him the most decorated American solider of the war. After his time in the military, he went on to a career in Hollywood, even playing himself in the movie To Hell and Back. Can he get any more awesome? Suffice it to say, Audie Murphy was pretty BA and we are in awe of his accomplishments and grateful for his service to his country.