Shad from DC


Haiku The News: Weiner- Put this behind me

Just want to move on. / The next step is a book deal. / Bet it’s a pop-up. U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner’s resignation from the House of Representatives will be official Tuesday, according to a statement from his office.

Haiku The News: Weinergate

You are what you tweet. / Fortunate his name wasn’t- / Senator Hugh Jass. A liberal Democratic congressman who came under fire for a lewd photo that briefly appeared on his Twitter account over the weekend told CNN Wednesday that he did not post the image.

Haiku The News: Osama Porn Laden

Kept it from three wives. / A master….of deception. / He acted alone. Pornography was found in a raid of Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan last week that led to his death, a source familiar with the materials said.  The material was sexually explicit, the source said.

Haiku The News: May the Schwartzel Be With You!

Charl takes the jacket. / Rory takes the collar and / Ms Day takes the cake. Charl Schwartzel gave this Masters a finish it deserved. On an amazing Sunday at Augusta National, where the roars came from everywhere and for everyone and didn’t stop until it was over, Schwartzel emerged from the madness by becoming the first Masters champion to close with four straight birdies.

Haiku the News: Escape from the Bronx

Wild animal. / It seeks to be with its own. / Headed to Wall Street.

Haiku The News: RIP Ms Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky Taylor

Movie royalty. / She was a tad overweight, / but eyes to die for…

Haiku The News: Teeth, who needs ‘em

Love’s me, love’s me not, / ove’s me, ove’s me ot, ove’s ee / The tooth fairy strikes!

Haiku The News: Who is more addicted?

Addiction’s fierce grip. / Pain, tears, denial, remorse. / T.V. craves Charlie.

Haiku The News: Say it ain’t so, Charlie

“Married to baseball” / Having a torrid affair- / With cocaine and booze.

Haiku The News: DC Council Chair’s Luxury SUV

Four thousand a month? / While your furloughing workers? / A black-on-black crime.