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I'm the founder of this site, and in addition to trying to find interesting stories (and interesting writers to present them), I also like to share my opinions on various topics, anything from mainstream sports like NFL and NHL, to MMA, Professional Wrestling, and likely my favorite topic: movies. I'm trying to watch at least 75 movies each year which I've never seen before, which I chronicled in 2010 in my "Quest for 75" series, "Drive for 66" in 2011, and the "Film Quest '12" this year. I'm also a big fan of television. I have a TiVo and a DVR (which will be replaced by another TiVo once I get one with HD capabilities). I listen to a lot of talk radio - though sorry, no NPR or political gab for me. It's mostly all about sports, though some of it's just mainly guy talk. Some of those radio talk show personalities might be showing up on GuysNation from time to time, so be on the lookout for that.
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