I like vampires, I like having conversation pieces to break the ice when I talk to the ladies, so I read Twilight (and New Moon and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn).  I didn’t see the movies yet, and I didn’t have any intention of seeing them until I saw Ashley Greene.

Greene plays the “sister” of Edward Cullen (as in “Team Edward”), and from the screenshots I’ve seen from the movie, she doesn’t look all that fantastic in the movie, but let me assure you, she’s HOT.

I’ve always been a fan of Kate Beckinsale, but I’ve always felt like there’s something missing.  Sure, she’s hot, but I feel like she REALLY knows it, and she’s really happy to keep her hottness bottled up and kept away from those of us who would appreciate seeing it more on-screen.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

For those of you who also enjoy looking at Kate Beckinsale, you need to know more about Ashley Greene – a younger, hotter alternative.

Let me show you Exhibit A:  Ashley Greene in Maxim:

Ashley Greene in Maxim

Exhibit B:  (Also from Maxim)

Ashley Greene in Maxim #2

Still not considering checking out Twilight?

GoneHollywood.com has an article with her LEAKED, self-taken nude photos – definitely worth a glimpse or two (or three).

If you’re still not interested in Twilight, it has to be for a reason other than Ashley Greene, but by now you’re probably already searching for more images via Google.

Or request to Ashley:  make a few more good movies soon, and make sure there’s some hot scenes in there, will ya?!

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