It’s quite possible that someone at Archer Farms is sleeping on the job, because this is another bag of their chips which seems to have forgotten the flavor.

The only redeeming quality of the Archer Farms Jalapeno Cheddar chips is that they’re kettle cooked.

The jalapeno flavor is barely there at all, and they’re definitely not spicy by any stretch of the imagination.

The cheddar cheese flavor is noticeable, but it’s not strong enough to be over-powering anything else.

An annoyance about these chips is that the flavor they did put in them is a little too powdery, along the lines of what you might find the Extreme Pringles flavors, but saltier.

Archer Farms knows how to put together a good kettle-cooked chip and has some good potato chip flavor options, but this bag just didn’t cut it.  If anyone else had a different perspective on them from a bag they’ve tried, I’d love to hear it because the concept is good.  The execution was a failure.