A few years ago, Hollywood tried to bring Aquaman from the pages of the DC comic onto the small screen.  The success of Smallville was encouraging enough to create the idea that people might actually want to see the show about the water-based superhero.  The pilot was created, and the project failed.


I wasn’t surprised.

Now Geoff Johns, award-winning writer for DC comics who has done great things for Green Lantern in the past couple years and has also worked with Smallville, is going to take his shot at bringing Aquaman success… and I have no idea why.

If DC comics wants one of their characters to fill the void Smallville’s series finale will create at the end of this season, there are plenty of other better options they could go with.  Batman would be an unlikely option given the series of movies.  The currently unused sidekick Robin has a complex and compelling backstory, and he (or she) could make for an interesting television series which could also serve as a prequel of sorts to some involvement in a movie.  Someone is going to be taking over for Christopher Nolan after Dark Knight Rises, and they might not be so “anti-Robin”.



With the Ryan Reynolds  movie coming out and potential sequels, Green Lantern gets nixed along with Batman.  Green Arrow is being adequately covered on Smallville.  Hawkman had his due on the CW series as well.  His involvement on Smallville being very limited, Martian Manhunter could be an interesting focal point for a CSI-style show.  NBC already has Wonder Woman coming to television, and there should be plenty of room for another female-lead heroic series, and there’s no denying that Zatanna made for a spicy side-dish during her time  on Smallville.   All those options, and we haven’t even delved into the idea of having a villain-centric series.

If this project is being driven as a pet-project of Geoff Johns and it’s not something that DC comics HAS to be involved with, Johns picked likely the worst character.

source: BleedingCool.com and Twitter

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