There’s a bit of misleading news about Angelina Jolie which has caused a bit of dismay amongst a large portion of the male (and a small portion of the female) interweb-surfers this morning. I’m here to tell you that there’s no cause for alarm.

Not one bit.

What was the Angelina Jolie news? I’ll get to that in a moment.

Angelina Jolie hot Tomb Raider

Not a bad reminder of how hot Angelina Jolie is, right? You might not have loved the Tomb Raider films, but you watched them because she’s awesome. She looks more at ease with big guns than a lot of guys I’ve seen wield them on film.


Not only can she play a bad-ass, but she’s incredibly gorgeous even when she’s showing her classy side.


As for that whole bit about Angelina Jolie having surgery to prevent breast cancer (which she was reportedly 87% likely to get, and which was the cause of her mother’s untimely death in her mid-50’s), there are two reasons why there’s certainly no cause for alarm.

1 – None of the hot pictures from above have ANYTHING to do with her breasts. Angelina Jolie is still incredibly hot even without looking below her neckline.

2 – You probably won’t even notice that she had surgery because, as part of the procedure, she got breast implants.

So there you have it, your day can return to normal without fretting over a world-class beauty having undergone a mastectomy.

Now that we’re all done appreciating Angelina Jolie’s Northern-most part, we might as well recall back to a younger day when the Midwest was thriving… because there’s cause to believe that the perkiness… it shall prevail for years to come!


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