Christina Hendricks is an amazingly attractive woman who is great at displaying sex appeal on the show MAD MEN. Recently someone hacked her cell phone and released various pictures of her, some of which involved nudity.

And they weren’t very good.

Disagree with me if you want, but there’s really very little to be excited about with those pics. Not that you should be searching for them, because it’s wrong for someone to have invaded her privacy like that. The only reason I looked is because the rest of the world was talking about it and there’s still speculation as to whether or not the nude pic is her… and I don’t believe it is.

From what I saw, one of them actually showed nipple, and that’s essentially all you see. Just nipple, a lot of skin and a shirt that has been pulled back. It’s a straight-on, close-up view with no visible attempt to liven up the presentation. There’s no sexy look (you can’t even see the face), the shirt is just plain white and the way it’s covering the breast really doesn’t give you much of the shape aside from the cleavage and a little bit of under-boob.

The rest of the photos aren’t even as good as what you’ll get by watching MAD MEN.  In fact, she doesn’t actually look hot in most of them – in spite of appearing to TRY to give a “sexy” look in one of them. Before the speculation starts, I’m not calling her fat, either. Like I’ve previously mentioned atop this article, I consider her to be a very attractive woman.

My favorite of the bunch – and the only one I’ll share here – is one in which she looks cute doing a mirror self-pic which would barely get noticed on any given Frisky Friday.

Save yourself the trouble (and don’t reward those other sites who posted the likely-fake nude) and don’t go find them. You’re likely to get a computer virus in the process, and even if you don’t, the pic you’d find is a let-down (unless you have very low standards).