Sony is getting ballsy. According to Variety, The Amazing Spider Man movie due out next summer starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, and Dennis Leary has already set a date for a sequel. The release date is set for May 2, 2014. Garfield and Stone are expected to reprise their roles, and James Vanderbilt, (Zodiac, The Rundown) who wrote the script for the first film,  has been signed on to write the sequel.

I find this news mysterious, tops. It’s a year before the first movie is due out, and the only footage we’ve seen is a trailer which pretty much stole from the PS3 game “Mirrors Edge.” I’m not saying Amazing Spiderman won’t be good. It could very well be the biggest awesomest super hero movie ever made (it wont). What surprises me about this is that the studio is SO confident in this movie making money that they don’t wait to see fans reactions to a REAL trailer with ACTUAL footage.  Because of this preemptive strike, I kind of would love for the movie to tank, so Sony will have the taste of something bitter in their mouths.  But at the same time, I really don’t. I love Spiderman. I want these movies to pull the characters out of the locked vice grip that Sam Raimi left them in, and make us love them again, like so many people did the comics.




























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