Not long ago, USC had to vacate a National Championship due to the actions of Reggie Bush while he was a member of the Trojans, and now it’s looking like the same could happen to the Alabama Crimson Tide – the reigning National Champions.

As a result of an investigation by Yahoo Sports, former Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker reportedly put the National Championship in jeopardy because of “extra benefits” he allegedly took, and he’s not the only one.

Add to the list of individuals whose names Yahoo Sports is including in the allegations are:

  • Tennessee QB Tyler Bray
  • Tennessee DE Maurice Couch
  • Mississippi State DT Fletcher Cox
  • Mississippi State WR Chad Bumphis

The root of the investigation includes financial records and text messages obtained by Yahoo Sports, with the records pertaining to the fund transfers, bank statements, text messages, flight receipts and other financial records all having been authenticated by Yahoo Sports. It was allegedly found that three NFL agents (Andy Simms, Peter Schaffer and John Phillips) and three financial advisors (Jason Jernigan, Mike Rowan and Hodge Brahmbhatt) provided over $45,000 to former Alabama defensive end Luther Davis, and he funneled the money to the five aforementioned players.

As we’re all aware by now, if those players received the benefits, they would be in violation of NCAA ByLaw

More substantive information can be found on Yahoo Sports.